31 Dec 2009

My perfect coat

I like to think a lot about what I buy. Especially if it is on the expensive side. I had my eye on this coat since it arrived in Liberty's in September. I needed a replacement for my old Primark coat and something that wouldn't be a vintage one. I wanted to own my first "grown-up" coat. One that would last me for the next 30 years. This Luella one was perfect. From the colour to the cut and embellishments, it is typically a piece that won't go out of fashion. The ultimate investment piece (even though I hate that term).
I went browsing in Liberty's on the first day of the sale, and miracle of miracle, there was one left in a size 12. It fit like a glove, so I promptly decided to spend all my Christmas money on it. It is without a doubt my best purchase of the year!

Luella Coat

What's the biggest extravagance in your wardrobe?

I hope you have a fabulous evening tonight!

just added - little interview with me here


30 Dec 2009

MRtv - My Beauty Routine

It's been weeks, months even since I have done a video post, I still can't believe I finally found the time to film one today!
I thought I'd do another video about my beauty routine as I have changed my hair colour since last time, so it has changed a little bit. I also got a few questions about how to apply eye-liner and the products I use, so you know, sharing is caring.

The video quality should improve once it is completely processed by YouTube. Don't forget you can subscribe to my channel. I have also started using ChicTopia, so if you are on it, you can add me by using the button on the right sidebar.

If there is anything you'd like me to show you how to do, just leave a comment below or email me and I will try and video it!


29 Dec 2009

My Christmas traditions & what I wore.

I am back and had a lovely Christmas. I hope you did too. It was so good to be off for a few days... It made me eager to get back to the blog and I feel more inspired than ever which is great news to start 2010. I thought I would start by showing you what I wore on Christmas Eve. In my family, we normally have our Christmas dinner on Christmas eve, and then mooch around on Christmas day, mainly hanging out and having a good time. Since I have met Justin, however, we tend to spend Christmas with his family so we celebrate it on Christmas day with a big lunch where everyone opens their presents etc. This is all very new for me! To keep up with my own traditions though, I still like to have dinner on Christmas Eve, but with my "adopted" family: my friends. So on Thursday night Mr Robot and Dr Handsome came over for dinner and fun times with us. Mila opened some of her presents, we had a simple-but-nice dinner and we talked about stupid things.

I wore my vintage blouse from Strawberry Koi vintage, a vintage skirt from Clever Nettle and shoes from Modcloth (with shoe clips from Urban Outfitters, hello two pairs of shoes in one). It is a very simple outfit, but I found it suitably festive! Last winter, I was all over sequins for my birthday, but this year I didn't feel like looking like a disco ball so I chose simplicity.

ChristmasEve Outfit

I was really spoiled this year, I got an all-in-one printer (desperately needed one), iTunes store vouchers so I can catch up on music and films--yes!, cute bits and pieces and I saved the best for last... the Luella coat I had been coveting since September. It is the one below, but no doubt it will soon make an appearance on me on here soon! I have been on a crazy Luella collecting spree this year, I must admit and I won't say enough how sad I am that this brand is no more.


What did you do for Christmas? What are your traditions? What did Santa give you?

If you have a bit of time, please check my facebook page and leave a comment on the wall to let me know what you would like to see more of on this blog in the new year... I am opening the suggestion box :). I have just redesigned the header too, tell me what you think!

24 Dec 2009

Merry Christmas

I would like to wish you all a wonderful Christmas. I will be taking some time away from the blog till the 29th. If you want your daily dose of Mademoiselle Robot, feel free to delve into the archives...

I leave you with a Christmas classic!

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Be careful on the road, make snowmen, eat chocolate, stay in your jammies and cuddle your family!

23 Dec 2009

MR Crush on Nicole Lindner

A couple of months ago, Steve Damstra sent me the link to Nicole Lindner's Etsy shop, telling I should check her out. So I did. I saw a lot of jersey dresses and stuff I liked but that didn't make me do cartwheels - and not just because I can't do cartwheels to save my life. 

And then it happened: I stumbled upon her more eccentric stuff, the things that lit up the "young Jeremy Scott/young Castelbajac" alert in my head. 
I have seen it done before (and mostly liked it) by girls out of costume or fashion school, playing with codes and turning food into dresses, but there is something about Nicole that I like even more. Maybe it is the fact she started making and selling her clothes at 16, maybe it is because everything is handmade and one of a kind, maybe it is just because she is awfully cute and passionate about her stuff. Either way, I hope she will take the very coveted place of "new Jeremy Scott" - not that I am putting good all JayJay "all caps on Twitter" Scott in a corner, of course.

All her stuff is really reasonably priced too so it is definitely worth checking out and why not treat yourself to a new dress as well? I particularly like her Black & Gold mini and the pin up polka dot bow skirt.

Photos Nicole Lindner/Collages by me


22 Dec 2009

Innerspace - A bit of birthday decoration (and some birthday presents)

My birthday is well and truly over (I know that because it was Justin's birthday yesterday) and so this is the last post I write about it... I will show you my birthday dress when I wear it next time (which will be very soon). Today, I wanted to share a bit more of my living space because I haven't posted anything about interiors for a while. I tried to make the flat look its best for my little birthday party so I thought I'd take some snaps to remember it. It is also kind of festive so it fits in perfectly this week...


Top to bottom: Christmas tree & Customised vintage chair (living room) - Bevelled mirror & customised vintage teak dresser (hallway) - Russian dolls & antique dolls photo from 1930s (living room) - Dala Horse carrousel & poodles (living room) - Party table on my desk (living room).

My dresser broke last week and now lives in the hall. I got this pink one from Ikea as a birthday present to myself. In this mirror and in the hallway mirror, you get a peek of my birthday dress. It is from Luella.

Here are some of my presents: cute notebooks & postcards, external hard drive (I desperately needed one), The Sartorialist & a Colette Penguin book, a Bow Bow clutch, horses on a tea cup, my fawn necklace and more... You get it, my friends & boyfriend totally spoiled me this year.

It was so nice to have everyone around at my house. I went to bed thinking I must have done something very good in a former life to deserve such an amazing group of friends. Now I just wish one day I will be able to have a birthday where I have all my amazing Paris friends and my amazing London friends in the same room. I love you guys!



21 Dec 2009

Wish List / tba SS 2010

It is so cold outside, I feel like my hands are about to separate from my body every time I step out of the flat and yet, here I am, day dreaming about the beautiful collections slowly arriving in store for the Spring. To start my SS 2010 lust / wish list, I had to show you one of my faves. tba has been on my mind a lot recently as you may have noticed!

I discovered the brand through Urban Outfitters but bought my first tba piece from ASOS. It is a beautiful butter soft mustard yellow silk blouse with scalloped edges in contrasting fabric and colours. The whole thing is so delicate, I feel extremely precious each time I wear it. Then came my lovely tunic dress... In between, I had a glimpse of the new collection at the UO press day and fell a little bit more in love with Binbin's designs. I've had the lookbook for a few weeks now and waited till now to share it with you as unveiling a collection too early is sometimes bad news for a small brand... if you catch my drift...

The good news is that tba also has a website and a beautiful one at that, showcasing SS 2010 goodies to the music of Serge Gainsbourg's Couleur Café.

This dress is my absolute favourite from the collection. I think it definitely will be up there on my shopping list for Spring!

I just love the way Binbin takes very simple shapes and mixes them with amazing embellishments and luxurious fabrics to create cute yet edgy pieces.

This is another wonderful dress, for sailor/flapper girls. You should go and have a look at the collection now, it is utterly perfect! Then come back here and tell me what you think...

18 Dec 2009


It's my birthday today so I am taking the day off!

See you all next week.


17 Dec 2009


Yesterday, I treated myself to a day off, sort of. I had lunch with a friend, then went to review a spa with Cate, then did a spot of Christmas shopping before meeting another friend for dinner and drinks (and eat my first birthday cupcake of the year). I didn't intend to have a birthday week this year, but somehow, it is all happening anyway.

Why am I telling you all that? I know you don't care. It is just a bit of context for what I wore. Because I did all that on foot, in the sleet/snow. So I needed to be warm and fuzzy, but still look half decent.


introducing Brak!


polar bear pimpmaster flash

Skirt - H&M
Jumper/dress - Louche at Joy
Tights - Tabio
Socks - no idea!
Shoes - Office
Coat - vintage (belonged to my grandma)

I should really own some snow shoes by now, since it seems to be snowing every year, but I can't find any decent ones. There is no way on Earth I would ever get near a pair of Ugg boots (the name alone makes me vom) and wellies are not warm enough. If you have a solution that works, let me know, I don't want to destroy all my shoes in the snow!

16 Dec 2009

Mademoiselle Robot's online global vintage shopping mini guide

A while ago, I wrote a little guide of vintage in London, with a few links to online shops as well. Obviously, when I do something like that, I can't list all the shops I go to and all the sites I visit, or the guide would be endless. I like to share only the best of the best, places I visit and actually shop at, or at least consistently want to buy stuff from.

Today, I have selected five online stores that I particularly like, for various reasons. They all get the Mademoiselle Robot seal of approval and you can shop there for your vintage gear knowing you will get only beautiful pieces.

Vintage Secret is a little internet gem. The shop owner is my lovely friend Naomi, who has the most impeccable vintage style (always mixed in with very, very naughty shoes!). She got her passion for vintage clothing from her grandmother and it shows. She knows her stuff so well, it is sometimes overwhelming! If you are in a pickle, she will either come to you or invite you in her style boudoir, where you will be able to dive into her selection of dresses while drinking tea (out of vintage cups, of course).
Recently-ish, she branched out and also organizes vintage tea parties and special events, such as Tart at the amazingly decadent 40 Winks.
Click here to see my review of Naomi's vintage styling advice.

Naomi wearing a swimsuit from her impressive collection of 50's swimwear.

I don't think I need to introduce Rhiannon's shop. She makes all sorts of delightful American estate sale finds available to the world, and I can't thank her enough for that! Her blog is an absolute treat as she always has the cutest outfits and the best stories about classic Hollywood starlets and silent film stars. A must for those of you with a penchant for film glamour and modern vintage.
Rhiannon wrote a few tips on Thrifting for me here.

Rhiannon showing off her cute take on vintage.

Natasha is a former fashion buyer and stylist who started her business out of a desire to offer vintage clothing that's better than what's available on the high street. As a result, her pieces are always on trend while staying unique and vintage. She also sells vintage inspired clothing, for those who are not quite ready to step into previously owned dresses, or who simply want an easier shopping experience. Natasha also offers Vintage styling advice.
Here is me wearing a dress from Natasha Bailie.

Natasha (left) with Bogey and Marylin.

Sophia Amoruso started Nasty Gal in 2006. Based in San Francisco, she scours the country looking for the best vintage pieces, with a very strong fashion appeal. All her products are totally on trend right now, even when they are 30 years old. That's definitely her strong point. This is more of a rock chick vintage shop than a cute 50's dress one. But it is perfect for mixing and matching and when you are feeling too lazy to run from shop to shop to find the perfect batwing jumper. The selection is always really edgy at Nasty Gal.

From Nasty Gal Vintage

If you have any favourite online vintage shops or if you have an online vintage shop you think I should check out, either leave a comment below or send me an email!


15 Dec 2009

Eye Candy or Arm Candy?

I love Peter Lindbergh, so when I heard he had directed a series of short films starring Nora Arnezeder to bring to life Dior's New Lock bag, I thought I'd give it a peek.

Nora is beautiful, the films are (obviously) very pretty and poetic. My favourite is "Light". The only thing that bothers me is that the films steal the show. They do feature the bag, but since it is not my kind of bag, I just forget what the shorts are about. I am really on board with the concept of a moving catalogue, I am also totally in with brands trying to be more editorial in their online content. But somehow, the fact the product becomes invisible seems a little strange. I know it is Dior, and that they don't need to work  as hard on advertising products  since they are selling a lifestyle as much as they are selling actual objects, but still. I think maybe I am not comfortable with the idea of selling a lifestyle. I want to own clothes because they are well made, because they look good on me and because they will last for a long time. I don't want to own them to buy into a life that isn't mine. Maybe I am reading too much in a few innocent short films!

You can watch the mini shorts here, and then tell me what you think.

Also, if you have time, go and watch Habillées pour l'Hiver, by Loïc Prigent presented by the ever goofy Mademoiselle Agnès (hero of my youth). I watched it after a friend who works for Canal + sent me the links, and the subtitles are by another buddy of mine! Susie posted the videos yesterday and I watched it AGAIN! Seriously, watch it, it is amazing.

14 Dec 2009

Super Secret Project Unveiled...

Follow this link to the first webisode on Living Tv website.

And you can read more about it at The Online Fashion Agency or visit Fashshot.tv
Also just added an article from Drapers about the Fashshot Studio and my participation to it in my press section. Click here to read it.

My birthday came early this year!

Last week I wrote my wishlist for both my birthday and Christmas (since I had the great idea to be born a week exactly before Christmas..). I had put on my list this dress from tba and it appeared at my door at the weekend. Well not completely magically, but I will leave it at that for now, for the sake of Christmas magic and all.

It is so pretty I didn't even take time to iron it, I just had to put it on, even if it is just to spend the day at home nursing a bad cold. Nothing like a pretty dress to make me feel half human again. It really is a shame to wear it to stay home, as I wish to show it off all the time now, but it will have to wait till later. For now, I get to share it with you - and I know you will appreciate it more anyway :).

If you plan on buying it and are on the slightly tall side like me (I mean over 5'7"), it is definitely more of a tunic (as it says on the site) than a dress as it is super duper short, even for me! But you can easily wear shorts underneath to preserve your modesty!

New dress from TBA

New dress from TBA

New dress from TBA

Dress from tba at Urban Outfitters
Denim cut offs (vintage)
Tights from Accessorize
Shoes from Office
Bow necklace from Paraphernalia


11 Dec 2009

What I am wearing / Day to Night

Well well well, this is another of my "I meant to write this for ages but didn't have the time" posts. I have just emptied my camera and finally uploaded these pictures that were meant to show you how I build my outfits, since I got a few emails and even an interview question recently asking me about that.
For this particular experiment, I started from a very simple base: high-waisted skirt + black tee-shirt combo. The idea is to take this outfit from day wear to evening wear, bearing in mind I don't dress up loads when I go out, so if you tend to dress up a lot, this won't really be much help!



This is a very basic outfit, as you can see, with a focus on the accessories. Skirt from Kimchi & Blue (at Urban Outfitters), Uniqlo tee-shirt, very old H&M cardigan (I replaced the original buttons by hearts), black opaque tights with heart tights over them (for a super opaque look + texture), shoes from ASOS (these ones).


Since it is cold at the moment, I added a sleeveless denim vest over everything (vintage, from my maman's closet) and cinched in the waist with my favourite woven leather belt (also vintage, thrifted). The necklaces are from Disney Couture (the locket) and the fawn is a present from my sister.


To finish off the outfit, I am wearing a Primark coat I bought a couple of years ago (and that lasted that long, surprisingly enough). I sewed on it a vintage fur collar I had lying around and a ribbon tie. Brooch from Vivienne Westwood and bag from Luella.



I kept the same base (skirt + black tee shirt) and added a slightly dressier cardigan from Topshop and shoes from Office.



Accessories up close and personal...

How do you decide what to wear in the morning? How do you select your clothes? Do you have a go to outfit?


9 Dec 2009

Special Book offer: $10 off!

I have just received an email telling me there was a $10 off all orders of m"My Crushes Book" till December 31st for those of you who are interested.

You will find the book here.

To use it just enter the code corresponding to your currency at checkout:

Orders from the US (using US $):  GREATGIFT

Orders from UK (using UK £):  GREATGIFT2

Orders from EU (using EU €):  GREATGIFT3

Orders from AU (using AUD $):  GREATGIFT4

This means the Softcover is now $25.35 and the hardcover $36.50 till the end of the year, which is pretty neat.

If you have bought it already and received it, let me know what you think!


8 Dec 2009

Paris + London = My Fashion Limbo ❤

Everytime I go back to Paris it brings back a ton of fashion memories and images of personal style past. I love taking the time to really observe people in the street and analyze the different styles I can spot in Paris and London.

As a Parisian ex-pat in London, my style is both distinctively Parisian and British. I can be sometimes a bit too "out there" for conservative Paris (even though my usual outfits are pretty tame) and at the same time I am fairly conservative for London, even at my most outrageous. Somehow I don't belong in either of those cities anymore, but I like my little fashion limbo. I used to have a trouble dealing with the gap between two very different styles, but now I take immense pleasure in having the best of both worlds.

I am in Paris this week on a work/pleasure trip, and since I have been spending a lot of time in various shops with a client, it prompted me to finally write this post about London and Paris fashion. I think it must have been sitting in my "drafts" section for about 18 months now, since it is obviously a topic dear to my heart. I am pretty tired right now, so I am barely touching the surface of what I originally wanted to cover, but I will most definitely get back to it very soon as I have a lot to say about it as you can imagine.

For today I thought I'd leave you with a few examples of Franglais style, via Swedish outfit making guru Looklet.

Paris in London


7 Dec 2009

Good news on a Monday: Awesome Possum Giveaway Winners AND Giles Deacon Scarf Winners!

Mademoiselle Robot presents: the Awesome Possum Christmas Extravaganza

I have been SO impatient to pick the winners for my Awesome Possum Giveaway, and finally the day has come! Using Random.org and taking into account all your various extra entries, here are the three winners of the Christmas Giveaway:

Natalie Mermaid

I will be getting in touch shortly about the prizes, don't forget that if you won and you are outside of the UK you might have to participate in the postage as the prizes are quite big!

Now for the rest of the good news, here are the three winners of a Giles Deacon scarf:


4 Dec 2009

Still saving Luella...

Today I went to Bicester Village who had invited me and a few fellow bloggers for a special day.

You know how a couple of weeks ago I was saying we had to Save Luella? Since I am a bit obsessed with Ms. Bartley's designs it only made sense that I would focus my energy on the Luella shop at Bicester. Despite the fact her witches collection from AW 2008/09 wasn't my favourite, I still managed to fill a bag I could actually fit in myself (and maybe a friend too, or a collection of small dogs).

I am not showing you what I bought right now because at this very moment I am in my jammies, busy packing my suitcase for Paris. I will be there all of next week to work with one of my clients. Also, excellent timing, it happens to be my BFF's birthday on Wednesday, so I get to spend it with her which is making me very happy.

While I am in Paris, you should go to Bicester and snap yourselves some Luella bargains as there are quite a few in the shop (bags for £150, dresses for £75, scarves for £40 etc).

Very soon, my purchases will make their big debut on these pages...

3 Dec 2009

My birthday and Christmas wish list

As usual, when everyone (including me) starts getting excited about Christmas, I also get excited about my birthday (on the 18th I will be 31).
Here is my dream wish list anyway, who knows, it might inspire you when you go shopping for your friends and family!

Jurgen Teller Go-Sees - I bought it when it first came out and lost it in one of many moves. It is now extremely hard to find apparently and I long for it back.

Most beautiful bag ever from Bagonia. I have been lusting after these for a long time now.

The Rio glasses from Prism. These have been in my bookmarks pretty much since the website launched and I finally accepted the fact that I NEED a second pair of glasses.

This dress from TBA, which is fast becoming one of my favourite brands. The navy version is only available from Urban Outfitters.


A Bunny lamp and an Owl money bank because you can never have too many animal themed objects at home.

I also need:
- a whole bunch of tights from Tabio
- Enchanted on DVD
- everything from Monki
- Laura Mercier Rich Perfecting Water

And approximately a million books that are all on my Amazon Wish List!

What have you asked Santa? What are you giving your friends/family?
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