MR Crush on Nicole Lindner

A couple of months ago, Steve Damstra sent me the link to Nicole Lindner’s Etsy shop, telling I should check her out. So I did. I saw a lot of jersey dresses and stuff I liked but that didn’t make me do cartwheels – and not just because I can’t do cartwheels to save my life. 
And then it happened: I stumbled upon her more eccentric stuff, the things that lit up the “young Jeremy Scott/young Castelbajac” alert in my head. 
I have seen it done before (and mostly liked it) by girls out of costume or fashion school, playing with codes and turning food into dresses, but there is something about Nicole that I like even more. Maybe it is the fact she started making and selling her clothes at 16, maybe it is because everything is handmade and one of a kind, maybe it is just because she is awfully cute and passionate about her stuff. Either way, I hope she will take the very coveted place of “new Jeremy Scott” – not that I am putting good all JayJay “all caps on Twitter” Scott in a corner, of course.

All her stuff is really reasonably priced too so it is definitely worth checking out and why not treat yourself to a new dress as well? I particularly like her Black & Gold mini and the pin up polka dot bow skirt.
Photos Nicole Lindner/Collages by me