Innerspace – A bit of birthday decoration (and some birthday presents)

My birthday is well and truly over (I know that because it was Justin’s birthday yesterday) and so this is the last post I write about it… I will show you my birthday dress when I wear it next time (which will be very soon). Today, I wanted to share a bit more of my living space because I haven’t posted anything about interiors for a while. I tried to make the flat look its best for my little birthday party so I thought I’d take some snaps to remember it. It is also kind of festive so it fits in perfectly this week…

Top to bottom: Christmas tree & Customised vintage chair (living room) – Bevelled mirror & customised vintage teak dresser (hallway) – Russian dolls & antique dolls photo from 1930s (living room) – Dala Horse carrousel & poodles (living room) – Party table on my desk (living room).
My dresser broke last week and now lives in the hall. I got this pink one from Ikea as a birthday present to myself. In this mirror and in the hallway mirror, you get a peek of my birthday dress. It is from Luella.
Here are some of my presents: cute notebooks & postcards, external hard drive (I desperately needed one), The Sartorialist & a Colette Penguin book, a Bow Bow clutch, horses on a tea cup, my fawn necklace and more… You get it, my friends & boyfriend totally spoiled me this year.
It was so nice to have everyone around at my house. I went to bed thinking I must have done something very good in a former life to deserve such an amazing group of friends. Now I just wish one day I will be able to have a birthday where I have all my amazing Paris friends and my amazing London friends in the same room. I love you guys!