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MademoiselleRobot.com was created in November 2007 as a way to stay in touch with far away friends but quickly started focusing on Fashion &Lifestyle.

Laetitia Wajnapel, founder of MademoiselleRobot.com is a Parisian journalist and photographer living and working in London. She contributed to Glamour UK Style Tribe, The Financial Times' How To Spend It, published her first book "Multiface(t)s, Style Yourself With Jewelry" at Les Editions de la Martinière in 2012 and had a successful solo photography exhibition in 2015.

Laetitia has given lectures about blogging, online journalism & social media at the following conferences and panels: Drapers e-commerce summit (2009 and 2010), Sketchbook Magazine workshops, Trend Boutique (2011), Grazia Forum at the Apple store (2012), Cision Breakfast (2013), London Fashion Weekend (2013). She is part of the British Fashion Council Blogger Panel.

MademoiselleRobot.com has been featured in numerous UK and international publications such as The Telegraph, The Times, The Independent, Grazia, Vogue, ELLE Girl, Company, Marie-Claire, Stylist, The Sunday Times Style, MTV, Channel 4 - view press section for complete list.

When she isn't at home in London with her family, Laetitia travels the world photographing everything interesting she comes across.

MademoiselleRobot.com has a global audience of over 2 million across her social channels and blog.


Peugeot, Olympus, Chloé, MatchesFashion.com, Net à Porter, TheOutnet.com, J.Brand, MiH Jeans, MCM Worldwide, Lacoste, NARS, Swarovski, Samsonite, Levi's, L.K.Bennett, Juicy Couture, Hermès, Dr Martens, Paule Ka, Hilton International, Dorchester Collection, Tommy Hilfiger and more.

Mademoiselle Robot is represented by Unsigned. For more information on working with Laetitia Wajnapel / Mademoiselle Robot, please contact mademoisellerobot@unsignedgrp.com

Now we are done with the boring stuff...

Hi! How are you? Since you read through all the tedious official stuff, I thought I'd tell you with a few things you actually might like to know about me:

- my daughter who is possibly the sassiest kid on the planet insists on wearing things on the basis that they are superstylin'. I don't know how I feel about that.

- i love animals with a passion - if I have your phone number, chances are I am currently inundating you with idiotic photos as you read this.

- my resting face is a cross between snooty and annoyed, this got me in loads of trouble all my life. The reality is, I don't bite - unless requested.

- i don't care much for small talk as it reminds me of the absurdity of life. Total nonsense is a much better use of everyone's time.

- i always win the prizes at the funfair because I am an extremely sharp shooter. No idea where that skill came from as I am largely anti-guns. Apparently my grandma also excelled at fairground sharp-shooting.

- when it comes to serial killers, I am a walking encyclopaedia. If you ever bump into me, ask me anything about gruesome murders and you will see.

- after I graduated, I worked as a video games journalist for years. Those were the days.

- i have a cat called Brak who is much better at internet than I am, I suspect 75% of my Instagram followers are just there waiting for me to post pictures of him. The remaining 25% probably want to make a suit out of my skin. But you know what, that's fine with me.

- ultimate life goal is to marry David Bowie and live in a craftsman house in Silver Lake. Sorry Iman.

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