For a long time I have managed my health and wellness holistically. I eat for what best suits my body and I remedy ailments via different types of healing methods and bodywork. I decided I wanted my make up and skincare to match up to this so the chemicals and… View Post

It’s no secret that ASOS is a one-stop online shop for clothing and accessories selling everything from their own brand clothes (which translate catwalk trends into affordable pieces) to big brands from around the globe. But recently ASOS have expanded into the ever growing world of men’s grooming. If you… View Post

I love being a brunette, albeit an ombré-d one. But it does have its downside, namely the impossibility of ever reaching satisfyingly un-natural shades. God knows I tried… Some of the old timers amongst you may remember my adventures in bright orange hair. My hair had many adventures actually, because… View Post

Summer is by far my favourite time of the year, I simply cannot stand cold weather, rain and all other Winter treats. I don’t enjoy layering and my skin is very dry so it doesn’t enjoy the cold much either. However, Summer comes with its own set of issues and… View Post

Do you know what Emma Stone, Katy Perry, Linda Evangelista, Anna Wintour and Alexander Wang have in common? An extremely skilled British facialist called Georgia Louise. From her exclusive Atelier in Manhattan, this elite aesthetician concocts potions and lotions and comes up with innovative ways to look after her clients’… View Post

Growing up, I was always desperate to find out what make-up actresses from my favourite Teen Shows used daily. This information at the time was available in some magazines, but not always and of course the lack of internet meant I couldn’t just search for things like these willy nilly.… View Post

After much deliberation on what to post about during Beauty and Grooming month here on the blog I’ve decided to defer to the ultimate icon of male grooming, Patrick Bateman. Bret Easton Ellis’ American Psycho was published in 1991; it’s a grand and sweeping indictment of yuppie culture, borne out… View Post

Don’t you love it when Spring finally comes around, sun hitting your skin and finally warming your complexion? I do! However, there is always a funny little transition period where you are ready to ditch your Winter foundation but not quite ready yet to move on to a darker shade.… View Post

Today I am reviewing a facial I did back in January (yes, sometimes I do my research well in advance) at the QMS Medicosmetics Spa,  just off the King’s Road in London. What I like to do first, before any facial review, is to apologise profusely for the rather intense… View Post

There are plenty of new fragrance launches nowadays, so to say the market is saturated is an understatement. With endless tacky celebrity scents cluttering the bargain bins it’s always a relief when something new comes along that you know is going to deliver. Oliver Peoples, purveyors of some of the… View Post