Skincare – Too Cool For School

Summer is by far my favourite time of the year, I simply cannot stand cold weather, rain and all other Winter treats. I don’t enjoy layering and my skin is very dry so it doesn’t enjoy the cold much either. However, Summer comes with its own set of issues and hardships on my body. As I get older and spend more and more time in the air, my body starts to rebel against my lifestyle. Plane travel is bad for you – a “necessity” if you like adventure in foreign lands, but it isn’t good. Plane travel makes my legs swell up so much that upon landing, walking become painful. And no amount of LOLs brought on by staring at my temporary ankle rolls can make the pain subside. Believe me, I entertained more than a handful of friends with my now famous “talking ankle rolls” in various airports around the world. As I write this, I’d like to think this is by far the most aspirational post I’ve ever put out there. Talking ankle rolls – a vision of perfection. 
So, swollen legs. They are painful upon landing, then hit by the heat there is no real hope of getting them to go back to their normal size, is there? For the longest time, I spent holidays in mini skirts, staring in disbelief at my usually alright legs suddenly transformed into inflated beasts. NOT ANYMORE! I finally found my saviour, knight in shining armour in the shape of a very powerful wizard of skincare from Sanctuary Spa: it is called the Cooling Sorbet Collection and will set you back £18.
I am not even kidding, these products are pure magic – there are three in the range, I only brought two with me on holiday to try and keep it light, but I used the third at home and it is also amazing. My two Californian heroes were the Cooling Shower Drench and the Cooling Body Sorbet. I can’t really take cold showers, even when the temperatures soar, so this Cooling Shower Drench was a godsend – I loved the tingling sensation it left me with and it did feel like my entire body was cooling down, despite the warm water pouring over me. Out of the shower, after drying up, I would apply the Cooling Body Sorbet to my entire body, insisting on the legs and massaging it in (always towards the heart). Then I’d pop the Cooling Body Sorbet in my bag and re-apply it throughout the day whenever my legs felt a little heavier. On the second day, my legs had already gone back to normal, which never usually happens! 
I am flying out to sunny shores again very soon, so you can be sure I’ll be stocking up on these.