My Little Pony Hair, No Strings Attached

I love being a brunette, albeit an ombré-d one. But it does have its downside, namely the impossibility of ever reaching satisfyingly un-natural shades. God knows I tried… Some of the old timers amongst you may remember my adventures in bright orange hair. My hair had many adventures actually, because the great thing about hair is that it grows back. Even though I currently enjoy my mane au naturel (well almost), I still daydream of pastel pinks and turquoise blue hues (so much so I dedicated an entire board to my dream hair on Pinterest). Sadly, every time I mention this board to my hairdresser, he shrugs and explains that unless I want to destroy my hair, I will never be able to go from my natural ash brown to a baby pink or turquoise dye. 
Enters , basically My Little Pony hair in a can (well 4 cans) which allows me to fulfil my wildest hair dreams for £5.99 – a bargain. This is very important information right here for those of you with crazy hair goals. There are four colours to choose from: (the one I am wearing in this post), , and . It is super easy to apply and you can play around until you find the right look – I went for a dip-dye style, simply covering the blonder bits of my hair with Pink Ink. It took me approximately 5 min to achieve the look pictured here. The spray itself is quite texturising, which doesn’t work so well with my hair which hair is coarse and wavy, but it will be great for those of you addicted to surf spray! It is basically two-in-one texture and colour. The best thing about it is that it stays on until you shampoo your hair and it fades really nicely, becoming more and more “natural” as the days go by. Pretty ideal for the Summer months!