Still saving Luella…

Today I went to Bicester Village who had invited me and a few fellow bloggers for a special day.
You know how a couple of weeks ago I was saying we had to Save Luella? Since I am a bit obsessed with Ms. Bartley’s designs it only made sense that I would focus my energy on the Luella shop at Bicester. Despite the fact her witches collection from AW 2008/09 wasn’t my favourite, I still managed to fill a bag I could actually fit in myself (and maybe a friend too, or a collection of small dogs).

I am not showing you what I bought right now because at this very moment I am in my jammies, busy packing my suitcase for Paris. I will be there all of next week to work with one of my clients. Also, excellent timing, it happens to be my BFF’s birthday on Wednesday, so I get to spend it with her which is making me very happy.
While I am in Paris, you should go to Bicester and snap yourselves some Luella bargains as there are quite a few in the shop (bags for £150, dresses for £75, scarves for £40 etc).
Very soon, my purchases will make their big debut on these pages…