A new addition to the Luella family

I have mentioned it earlier on Twitter and since I was asked to show it, there it is. The Luella jacket. It is pretty much the perfect English countryside jacket, a bit like a Jack Wills one, but better. I needed something that would go with bits of my wardrobe that don’t call for a leather jacket or a yellow coat. This is the perfect everyday jacket.
It is totally over the top preppy/posh/traditional but I love it. Probably because the codes are different in France, so for me this is actually “exotic” and “fun” rather than “something my granny wore to go horse riding”. Actually, I would probably also wear something my granny wore horse riding, but this has nothing to do with the jacket, and more to do with my questionable dress sense.
Please ignore the blurb above, it is clearly filler. Instead, have a look at my new baby.
Luella jacket
Vintage tee shirt
Miss Selfridge Cardigan
Vintage brown shorts
Vintage Gucci bag
Vintage brooch
Dolce Vita boots from Urban Outfitters(couldn’t get them in the photos, but they are here CLICK CLICK)
Vintage woven belt

I almost forgot!! I have THREE Giles scarves to giveaway, so if you want one, leave a comment, add me on Twitter, become a Facebook fan, you name it, buttons on the left 🙂
Don’t pretend like you don’t know what scarf I am talking about cause you do.