OMG it is PAC MAN!!!!!

Just as I was about to leave my house this morning, the doorbell rang and the postman handed me a little parcel from Links of London.
They had contacted me a while ago asking if I would like to “try” some of their designs. Being a bit of an accessories nut, I obliged. I am quite familiar with Links products, but didn’t own anything from there till now. As you probably know by now, if people send me stuff, I will only write about it if it is something I would have bought myself… I was totally excited when I opened the box to find a PACMAN NECKLACE. Yes. You read it right. A friggin’ pacman necklace. Totally perfect, minimalist design, from the Links-ID collection. I LOVE IT. In fact I love it so much I am wearing it right now. I love it so much that I drew on the inside of my hand with a Sharpie and now I am going to have Blinky forever in the palm of my hand (TATTOO experiment NUMERO DOS?!?!).
Can you see it? No no, come closer. CAN YOU SEE IT NOW???? I LOVE IT. L.O.V.E.I.T. If you want to see it better, check it out here (it comes on a chain like this), I forgot to take a snap when it was still in the box, because I was so impatient to actually put it on.

Since I’m here, I thought I might as well show you my Christmas tree (yes I know, it is only Thanksgiving, by the way HAPPY THANKSGIVING, my American readers)… and well, today’s attire.
Before you ask, yes, I do wear shorts all the time. Wait wait, here are the deetz: high waisted shorts that were originally high waisted jeans that were too big) and shoes from Urban Outfitters, tee shirt from H&M, actual boyfriend cardigan (as in, it belongs to Justin, shhhh, maybe if I don’t say it too loud he won’t notice – Justin sorry the black one is in the wash, I just had to borrow this one, hi i love you, hiya)from UNIQLO, gold locket from Disney Couture and well… the pacman necklace.

Now I am going to make a quiche. Bon appétit!