Winter Shorts

I have recently come to the conclusion that when it comes to winter wear, one of my staples is shorts. It sounds pretty stupid, right? “And why not Moon Boots in the Summer?” you ask. There actually is a logical explanation to winter shorts: with the right amount of layering, they are pretty warm. And cosy. And comfy. And when it is really windy, you don’t find yourself screaming for help because your skirt is on your head (it often happens to me, especially if I am pushing the buggy and both my hands are busy). So yes, winter shorts are my best friends. I have various options in my closet: denim shorts, woolly mum shorts, floral shorts, the list goes on and on. Today I thought I’d give you some ways to wear shorts in the winter without getting comments from your mum.
 At the weekend
On a date
For a party

Would you wear shorts in the winter? For what occasion?