Eye Candy or Arm Candy?

I love Peter Lindbergh, so when I heard he had directed a series of short films starring Nora Arnezeder to bring to life Dior’s New Lock bag, I thought I’d give it a peek.

Nora is beautiful, the films are (obviously) very pretty and poetic. My favourite is “Light”. The only thing that bothers me is that the films steal the show. They do feature the bag, but since it is not my kind of bag, I just forget what the shorts are about. I am really on board with the concept of a moving catalogue, I am also totally in with brands trying to be more editorial in their online content. But somehow, the fact the product becomes invisible seems a little strange. I know it is Dior, and that they don’t need to work  as hard on advertising products  since they are selling a lifestyle as much as they are selling actual objects, but still. I think maybe I am not comfortable with the idea of selling a lifestyle. I want to own clothes because they are well made, because they look good on me and because they will last for a long time. I don’t want to own them to buy into a life that isn’t mine. Maybe I am reading too much in a few innocent short films!

You can watch the mini shorts here, and then tell me what you think.

Also, if you have time, go and watch Habillées pour l’Hiver, by Loïc Prigent presented by the ever goofy Mademoiselle Agnès (hero of my youth). I watched it after a friend who works for Canal + sent me the links, and the subtitles are by another buddy of mine! Susie posted the videos yesterday and I watched it AGAIN! Seriously, watch it, it is amazing.