Paris + London = My Fashion Limbo ❤


Everytime I go back to Paris it brings back a ton of fashion memories and images of personal style past. I love taking the time to really observe people in the street and analyze the different styles I can spot in Paris and London.

As a Parisian ex-pat in London, my style is both distinctively Parisian and British. I can be sometimes a bit too "out there" for conservative Paris (even though my usual outfits are pretty tame) and at the same time I am fairly conservative for London, even at my most outrageous. Somehow I don't belong in either of those cities anymore, but I like my little fashion limbo. I used to have a trouble dealing with the gap between two very different styles, but now I take immense pleasure in having the best of both worlds.

I am in Paris this week on a work/pleasure trip, and since I have been spending a lot of time in various shops with a client, it prompted me to finally write this post about London and Paris fashion. I think it must have been sitting in my "drafts" section for about 18 months now, since it is obviously a topic dear to my heart. I am pretty tired right now, so I am barely touching the surface of what I originally wanted to cover, but I will most definitely get back to it very soon as I have a lot to say about it as you can imagine.

For today I thought I'd leave you with a few examples of Franglais style, via Swedish outfit making guru Looklet.

Paris in London


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