Yesterday, I treated myself to a day off, sort of. I had lunch with a friend, then went to review a spa with Cate, then did a spot of Christmas shopping before meeting another friend for dinner and drinks (and eat my first birthday cupcake of the year). I didn’t intend to have a birthday week this year, but somehow, it is all happening anyway.
Why am I telling you all that? I know you don’t care. It is just a bit of context for what I wore. Because I did all that on foot, in the sleet/snow. So I needed to be warm and fuzzy, but still look half decent.
introducing Brak!
polar bear pimpmaster flash

Skirt – H&M
Jumper/dress – Louche at Joy
Tights – Tabio
Socks – no idea!
Shoes – Office
Coat – vintage (belonged to my grandma)

I should really own some snow shoes by now, since it seems to be snowing every year, but I can’t find any decent ones. There is no way on Earth I would ever get near a pair of Ugg boots (the name alone makes me vom) and wellies are not warm enough. If you have a solution that works, let me know, I don’t want to destroy all my shoes in the snow!