25 Feb 2009

Dress Up party 23/02

So the Dress Up event for IFB finally came and went... I feel like I haven't really met anyone as I was running around all night, not unlike Alice's white rabbit - except green.

I thought I'd let you discover the reason why I was so busy: I am launching MRTV very soon with the help of Sebbywood so I was doing impromptu video interviews of various IFB members, designers and DJs.

Here are a few photos I took during the event, but be patient as Chris and Federica will be uploading theirs later.

Pippa Brooks @ Dress Up
Pippa Brooks

Dress Up 23/02

Dress Up 23/02

Minna Parikka @ Dress Up 23/02
Minna Parikka

Agent Lynch @ Dress Up 23/02
Agent Lynch

Dress Up 23/02
Dress from Vintage Secret

If you have any photos, please add them to the flickr pool!


23 Feb 2009

A Sunday at London Fashion Week

Yesterday, I finally forced myself out of the house and dedicated my day to fashion. As you may know, I have been really slack at attending anything so far due to a lack of motivation, interest or courage maybe?

The first thing I did was to go have a quick look at the Modernist presentation in their little space off Carnaby Street. It was just what the doctor ordered: a diptyque candle making the whole room smell divine, some carefully arranged dresses & a minimal decoration. More gallery than fashion show, it made me feel better about participating to Fashion Week. I even bumped into Susie Bubble who was really lovely.

In the evening, I skipped the PPQ show in favour of some family time, and then headed to the Eley Kishimoto/Eastpack party with Isabelle. It was at the very top of Centrepoint and we were both completely mesmerized by the view from there at the start, and then by how cool and nice everyone was. Really refreshing change from the usual fashion crowd.

Isabelle & Me

Oxford Street

I also spotted many really good outfits, including a lot of Eley Kishimoto from previous collections - obviously I was going to love that!

Eley Kishimoto party

Eley Kishimoto Party

Eley Kishimoto party

We then went to the PPQ party, which was quite a shock, even if it was expected. The Café de Paris was basically filled with an army of Peaches Geldof and Erin Wasson clones, walking around pouting and swooshing their hair. The guys were Russel Brand clones, also swooshing the hair. Not the kind of crowd I like to mix with on a Sunday night (or ever actually). On the plus side, I bumped into Mélanie looking super hot.


Apart from Mélanie's, the only outfits I really liked were worn by Hannah Mashall and by Shingai Shoniwa from the Noisettes (who were performing at the party).

Hannah Marshall

Shingai Shoniwa

I also finally got to meet Kirsty who was wearing the most spectacular shoes.

Kirtsy's shoes

It was a very busy evening, but I still managed to follow my plan and be in bed by 1! Results!

Tonight is the big night for me, as the party I organized for IFB is finally here and is looking preeeeeetty good if I can say so myself... Jennine is getting here this afternoon too and I am happy to have her as my fashion week buddy for the next couple of days!

In case I forget, remind me to write about why fashion bloggers are the best.

See you all tonight!


21 Feb 2009


Dress up is around the corner and I wanted to give away 5 guest list spots to some of you, so if you are in London this Monday, email me!

The first five emails will get an invite...

Simply Madonna, materials of the girl

Fashion Week has arrived... I am excited, but also a bit over it already. A lot of the time, I can't really be bothered to go to shows and run around, so I have had to do a second pick in my already carefully selected events list.

On Friday, I decided I would send someone to see the Ashish show for me and would instead go to the Simply Madonna private view at the Truman Brewery. The lucky blogger who got to go to Ashish (and will guest post about it here for your enjoyment) is Reena from Fashion Daydreams.

As for me... well I headed in the opposite direction to the Fashion Circus to indulge in some intense Madonna action in Brick Lane.

I arrived in a deserted Truman Brewery. I had only ever been there when it was buzzing with MA students for their end of year shows, I had never experienced the place empty. Pretty amazing, and going there would have been worth it just for that.

The exhibition is in one large room of the brewery, dimly lit and equipped with a pretty powerful sound system blaring all Madonna songs in random order. It is basically like being caught in a giant Madonna bubble. To me, it was Heaven, but I can see how it could be a total nightmare to some. I really enjoy doing things on my own and arriving there early meant that the place was pretty empty apart from a few photographers, so I was able to really take my time (and a bazillion photos) and take it all in.

It is supposed to be the larges private collection of Madonn'a outfits (stage, film etc) so you can imagine it is pretty impressive. All her well known outfits were there, although come to think of it, it seems that ALL her clothes are well known... she is Madonna after all. Even her tracksuit trousers are lengendary.

Simply Madonna Private View

Apart from the obvious Open Your Heart bustier by Jean-Paul Gaultier, Music's white jumpsuit and Material Girl's pink satin number, there were also lots of beautiful vintage dresses from Evita which I found to be the most interesting pieces, fashion wise. They didn't make me go "oh wow Madonna wore this on the Girlie tour, I remember!" but still.

Simply Madonna Private View

I left a very happy bunny, although I would have happily moved in there for the whole month! I am sure I will go back with friends, to share a bit of this total Madonna experience.

Simply Madonna, Materials of the Girl is on at the Truman Brewery from Feb 21st till March 22nd. Tickets are limited, so make sure you book!
For further details, you can visit Marquee Capital.


18 Feb 2009

New items for sale in the shop...

I added a few items in my shop. You can go and have a peek now!


A guest post by Lily Koppel author of the Red Leather Diary

Lily Koppel, author of The Red Leather Diary wrote a post for you, my dears, to celebrate the launch of her book.

If I found a vintage treasure in a dumpster, I wonder if I would have the same drive to write a book about it, I like to think I would... Would you?

It is almost like a fashion time machine. I would certainly like to hop on. Can't wait to read the book!

How I Slipped into a Depression-Era Young Woman’s World

It’s a story that reads like a movie: on my way to work at the New York Times, I stumbled upon a dumpster filled with old steamer trunks plastered with luggage stamps from luxe locales like Paris and Monaco, just a polishing away from their descendants at Louis Vuitton. Among the treasure trove of vintage clothes, a flapper dress, a stunning tangerine bouclé coat from Bergdorf's with an iridescent lining and a single Bakelite button coat from Bergdorf's, a beaded flapper dress, a custom-made riding habit, I found a young woman’s crumbling red leather diary kept in the 1930s.

Paging through the diary for the first time gave me goosebumps. Little flakes of red leather from its worn cover sprinkled onto my white bedspread. Every page and entry was magical. I couldn’t help but think, how did it find its way to me, and why?
January 16, 1930. I bought a pair of patent leather opera pumps with real high heels! April 8, 1930. Bought myself a little straw hat $3.45—it won’t last long! April 20, 1931. Dyed my eyebrows and eyelashes and I’ve absolutely ruined my face. March 13, 1934. A fashion show for amusement and almost overcome with envy—not for the clothes but the tall, slim loveliness of the models.

(Hello Fashion Week)

Observations about frivolous matters were interspersed with heartfelt reflections about the books she loved. Florence’s life was one of theater and art, many lovers, writers and poets, including the Italian count Florence fell for while in Rome when she sailed to Europe in 1936. Names floated on the pages through time: Eva Le Gallienne... George... Nat... Manny... Pearl... Evelyn...
That first night with the diary when I was 22, in 2003, I slipped under the covers and continued to read. I followed Florence’s adventures into the night. My lavender-painted room, which I was renting in the Upper West Side apartment of an eccentric older woman, filled with an orange glow from the streetlamp outside my window. Time seemed to do a backbend, like in yoga.

I felt as if we were one, this girl from the ‘30s and I. Florence wrote on July 3, 1932: Five hours of tennis and glorious happiness--All I want -- is someone to love -- I feel incomplete.
Scalloped-edged black and white photographs recreated the half-forgotten world of the sophisticated young Manhattanite who loved “making a sensation” outfitted in clothes designed by her mother, a couture dressmaker with a shop on Madison Avenue, who had come to America alone as a teenager and worked her way up to being a respected business owner, a rare accomplishment in those days. I especially like one of Florence posing in her velvet coat with the silver fox collar.

The diarist posing in her mother's designs

I got out of bed to examine the other items I had found in the steamer trunks in the dumpster alongside the diary and the entire collection of vintage handbags I had inherited, a lucite box purse and a scaled beaded evening bag. The rose beaded flapper dress hung from its wooden trunk hanger like a pale pink ghost. I wrapped myself in the musty glamour of the tangerine bouclé coat with the label sewn into its silk lining, the color of the pearly inside of a shell: “Bergdorf Goodman on the Plaza.” I secured its elegant Bakelite button.
I slipped into the flapper dress and quietly danced around my room until beads from its frail fringe started hailing down onto wooden floorboards. I eyed the black satin bathing costume for an hourglass figure. Its straps crisscrossed my back like X-marks-the-spot.

Lily Koppel, in the flapper dress found alongside the diary

As I stared into my full-length closet mirror, the old kind in two separating layers dotted with black spots like a jumpy old film reel, I couldn't help but wonder: Who was this young woman? Who was Florence Wolfson? Who was I?
As I walked around New York, Florence’s diary became my guide. Trying on a dress at Bergdorf's, I caught myself searching my reflection, waiting for Florence to join me. Considering a lipstick at Barney's, I noticed the Nars lipstick, “Flora” between “Orgasm” and “Pillow Talk.”
I stopped at La Perla to pass the time before meeting a friend, an actress, and thought of Florence amid lace as light as sea foam, embroideries made by fairy hands. I flipped through color swatches and lost myself in its underworld. The Roaring Twenties. Jazz. The Charleston. Coco Chanel. Garter belts. The ‘30s evoked Marlene Dietrich. The seducing Blue Angel in corset, stockings and top hat. Just what the dismal times needed.
Florence’s words floated down through the city's canyons, and into my mind. Only a few favorite places survived from her New York. One was the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where I often sought rest in the Chinese Garden Court. From the rooftop sculpture garden, I stared at the dreamlike citadel of Manhattan's rooftops. New York is the place of stories, allegory, and metaphor. Like Alice in Wonderland and Dorothy on the road to Oz, Florence was determined to make her way. I discovered the diary, a real-life time machine, which transported me back into Florence’s world. Florence once wrote, on the beach, away from her city, Oh, for dear old New York!
I needed Florence.

Fearlessly and authentically, Florence Wolfson filled the diary’s pages, recording her life's adventures over five years, from 1929 to 1934 from 14 to until she turned 19. I learned from a newspaper scrap, which fell out of the diary's pages that Florence had lived on the Upper East Side.
Three years later, I found Florence, miraculously, after receiving a chance call from a private eye. Charles Eric Gordon was like a pulp 1930s character who entered my life wearing a trench coat, pulling a magnifying glass out of his inside lapel. His license plate read “Sleuth3.”
Florence, I learned when I finally met her at 90 and reunited her with her red leather diary, was one of a generation of Depression-stamped young men and women who longed to cultivate a creative life. As a 19-year-old Columbia graduate student, Florence hosted a literary salon in her parents' apartment. Among her friends were the young poets, Delmore Schwartz and John Berryman.

After Florence married, she drifted from her art and admitted she had, later in life, “a country club mentality.” As she fingered the pages of the red leather-bound book crumbling in her hands, she reflected on the young woman brought to life so vividly in its pages.
The diary proved how buttoned up our version of the past tends to be. Long before blue jeans entered the scene, the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Woodstock--love was in the air. A sexual revolution was taking place in Florence’s 1930s world. If Florence had been born fifty years later, she would have fit right in.
Florence says without missing a beat that she would like Meryl Streep to play her older self in the movie. Scarlett Johansson would be perfect for the young Florence (and myself?). We appeared together on The Today Show, where Florence turned to me and squeezed my hand and said, “This is a fairy tale.”
We’re leaving soon--am trying to be calm--but who expected all this at my age? Lv


13 Feb 2009

What I am wearing / Marc Jacobs & vintage

If I had a teleportation machine, I would go to New York to the IFB Party. I wouldn't attend any shows of NYFW, instead I would go all the way to the top of the Empire State Building to listen to Blossom Dearie. Then, I would hop to Los Angeles to visit my dear friends there and feel the sunshine on my face.

If I had a teleportation machine, I would probably wear this outfit to travel in.

Cardigan - Marc Jacobs
Tee-Shirt - M&S
Skirt - Vintage
Shoes - Marc Jacobs

I asked Santa for this machine 10 years in a row, but I must have been a really naughty girl, because he never brought me one... there's always next year!

Here are a few of the places I would go to:

- Tokyo
- Los Angeles
- New York
- Lake Como
- Stockholm
- Berlin
- In the middle of nowhere in the American Midwest
- Antarctica, on an ice patch with a polar bear and two penguins.

Where would you go if I lend you my teleportation machine?


ps - Another really short post, normal services will resume next week!

11 Feb 2009

What I am wearing / Service Nautique

This dress is another big favourite of mine. Even when it used to be knee lenght. It is a vintage French uniform for the Service Nautique, in other words, the French equivalent of the Navy. Despite its colour it has a definite nautical feel to it, so I have to break it by wearing it in a not so nautical way. I used to wear it too literally, with a stripey top and white tights (which is also cute), but I wanted to give a go at making it into something else. Nothing crazy, as you can see, just a nice everyday outfit - another one. I know I am showing a lot of everyday outfits, but I am not exactly doing anything at the moment apart from working, and sometimes meeting my friends in the evening for a more than welcome drink.

Vintage Service Nautique dress

I am completely unable to live without these shoes at the moment, especially as they are extremely comfortable and I am still able to walk and dance wearing them, which is rare, as I am a recently reformed flats wearer. Heels and me, it is a long story. I used to wear them a lot, then stopped because of ankle problems, then started again, then stopped, we can't seem to decide if we are made for each other or arch nemesis, heels and me. At the moment, we are all lovey dovey, and the family is expanding, but who knows... By the time summer comes, we might break up again. Or maybe not. This time I feel it is forever. I found the type of heel that agrees with my retarded ankle, and they happen to be widely available at the moment, so I better stock up. I like chunky heels and hidden platforms. I also love wedges, but the boy spent so long lobbying against them (his arguments are totally stupid by the way, in case you were wondering) that instead of having to endure his constant anti-wedge badgering, I sort of gave up on them. Don't get me wrong, I never listen to him, nor am I a victim of Male oppression. I just like to let him think he has a say in some things, sometimes. I love him really, so I have to compromise. I wouldn't want him to go around wearing sweatpants now, would I?

Vintage Service Nautique dress

Anyway, that was a long rambling, just about a pretty basic outfit. That won't happen again, I promise. All this to say, really, that this outfit is a winning combination for me at the moment. I have a lot of winning combos at the moment actually, which is why I am not posting many outfit photos, or else I would just post the same again and again and again.

Am I the only crazy shortening ALL my dresses? Do you like heels or flats? Do you have a favourite type of heels? Do you like my tight sweater? See how it fits my body.

10 Feb 2009

Inspiration / Valentine's day

In France, where I am from, Valentine's day isn't as big as here, although it is slowly getting there. But us French girls have a sense of drama like no other, so even if Valentine's isn't very big, our anger at a boy forgetting it is huge. This year, I won't be making a fuss if my boy forgets or doesn't do anything as he possibly used all of his romantic energy on proposing to me last month (yes, I am engaged, people!). Although maybe I will make a fuss, I haven't decided yet. I like to keep him on the edge of his seat.

The point of this post isn't to tell you all about my plans for Valentine's day, so far I have none. It isn't either to show you a type of outfit to wear, as I think we've all had our fair share of red and hearts and cutesy dresses, and let's face it, who actually wears that on Valentine's? I am a firm believer in wearing cute dresses all year long, with hearts on them, polka dots, red, pink etc, which is why I think we should draw inspiration FROM Valentine's day to dress the rest of the year.

So yes, I am doing a Valentine's post, but no, I am not giving you advice on what to wear on the day. I would like you to take that romantic & almost regressive look and use it all year round!

What I like most about Valentine's is that is speaks to the 5 year old in me who likes kittens in a basket, bows, hearts and cheesy poems. You know you love this part of you as well, so why not let it express itself all year long? Like me, start wearing over sized heart fascinators for no good reason, once you finish getting dressed, see where you can fit a ridiculously big bow, make photos of kittens into badges, and just indulge in your cheesiest side.

As for the 14th of February itself... You can spend it dressed normally and start relaxing now, knowing you won't stress about what to wear for your special date.

Now, who will be my Valentine this year? I sent a card to Jeffrey Dahmer, but he never replied.


8 Feb 2009

Wish List / A capsule wardrobe for Spring

Around Christmas, I started thinking about what I would like to wear this Spring. I don't have any specific items in mind, just a few colours, fabrics & motifs. I am normally a black and grey with splashes of bold colours type of girl, but it seems that all I can think about at the moment are muted colours. It is a bit of a problem, and possibly why I find myself in a style pickle, because obviously my wardrobe isn't exactly filled with subtle tones of mauve, pale pink, maroon or beige. I do have a bit of this, but in a mish mash of winter & summer items, nothing consistent, and not enough to make a coherent wardrobe for the next 6 months. So I need a little bit of updating.

If I find myself stuck in a fashion rut, I find that the easiest way out is to spill the whole contents of my wardrobe on the floor and reinvent each item to suit my newly acquired tastes. This and a quick trip to the local charity shops and vintage shops to get the missing pieces generally results in a happy Mademoiselle Robot. I find it more rewarding than buying lots of different pieces each season. But that is out of the question anyway, as there is no way I could afford to redo my whole wardrobe each season, unless I start selling myself.

Here's what I would pick for myself if I could:


Spring dresses
Tops & Bottoms

Tops & bottoms

And finally, this would be my ideal capsule wardrobe for this Spring/Summer. There are lots of unusual colours (for me), clashing with brighter shoes and a pair of light skinny jeans - which I already have.
I think I have a teal marching band type jacket somewhere, I can just get that one out, change the buttons, add some feathers & tulle ruffles and boom, instant fashion fix!
Capsule Spring

Basically, I want my Spring wardrobe to be more minimal, more grown up while still being in tune with my usual inspirations & more importantly with myself.

Now that's the kind of challenge I like!

What are your inspirations this Spring? Do you ever find yourself in a fashion pickle, and if you do, how do you get out of it?

5 Feb 2009

A genius & a party

A quick little post to share with you this video by my friend Naomi Rose who is quite clearly a genius.

This little animation is so pretty and poetic I could watch it over and over again...

Also, I would like to invite you again to the Dress up soirée that I am organizing for IFB. This time I will show you the flyer...
Feel free to repost it on your blog and let your friends know about this party, it is going to be funfunfun!


4 Feb 2009

What I am wearing / Everyday outfit

At the moment there are lots of reasons for me to stay in and work, work, work, work. First because Fashion Week is fast approaching and has got me in mega freak out mode because of having to run around everywhere without knowing anyone, but mostly because I am organizing the IFB event during London Fashion Week. Being my usual ambitious self, I couldn't settle for just a meet up so I went about throwing a massive party. I am sure it will be tons of fun, hot blogger on blogger action, crazy dance moves and amazing frocks, but right now, it is just me, emailing Jennine 1000 times a day and ripping my hair off.

Anyway, between this and being a mother (a full time job and more, as you can imagine), I have very little time for my other projects, and not much time to think about what I am wearing. So I adopted a uniform, the comfort food equivalent of clothes: my favourite skirt that I found in a charity shop and hemmed shorter, a black tee shirt and Justin's black cardigan (mine now really).

I make it go from day to night just by changing my shoes from flats to high heels. How lazy, I know. Actually, the main reason why I wrote this post is because I wanted to show you my new shoes. I don't often buy new stuff, from a real shop, but these were too good to pass on. Hidden platform, t-bar, chunky heel & ruffles at the front, all that from... the temple of tack... I give it to you... NEW LOOK. Yep. Who'd have thought? Not me, that's who.

So for those of you who would like to see the shoes in person, you can come to the IFB party and say hello. Have a look at the event description on Facebook for more info, or if you are not on Facebook, email me for guest list.

Tonight, I am treating myself to a night off / mental health spa with my buddy Loulou!

Just in case you would like to know, I had a little mention in Vintage Secret's mailout, here it is...

"Mademoiselle Robot is a London based Parisian fashion ‘bloggeuse’. Unpretentious, bang on trend and oozing Parisian charm, check out her musing on style, inspiration & vintage fashion. – more s'il vous plait! The website also features interviews, videos & more." Watch this space for future collaboration."

You should indeed watch this space as the lovely Naomi and I are preparing a nice surprise for all of you, after LFW!

Love & t-rex in a bow-tie to you.


2 Feb 2009

Masculin/Féminin - Eric & Maria Rose Wimmer

Maria Rose & Eric (E.K.) Wimmer are two lovebirds currently living in Denver. You might have been on their planet before... Between them, they explore many art forms, including writing, painting, music and more! They also happen to both be extremely lovely, which is why I thought they would be perfect to start the new Masculin/Féminin feature on Mademoiselle Robot.

The idea is for a couple to explore the style differences between men's & women's vision of style. Read on, and it will become very clear...

Eric on his evening look

I love this vintage Brookford suit. Brookford killed in the seventies with disco 3-pieces! I’m missing the vest, but I matched this with a pin-striped black shirt and striped green tie. The tie is a slightly lighter hue which I like. A man should never underestimate his tie. Speaking of which, when a man wears a solid suit he should compliment it with some stripes or something, that’s the oldest trick in the book.

Maria on Eric's evening look

For E.K’s evening outfit I decided to go for a Serge Gainsbourg meets Nick Cave style. I had him slick his hair back just to put the look over the edge. The suit is a brown pinstripe three piece number, another vintage find. I really love when a man wears a three piece with a high vest. E.K. pulls this look off because it has classic elements with a little modernity mixed in. The lighter brown shirt is a Christian Dior; the color works with the suit, rather than contrasting. I left out a tie and opted for a less constricting look.

Eric on his daytime look

About 8 years ago I was invited to hang out with this band I liked. The door was locked so this guy let me in. I went upstairs and he introduced me to the band like this, “Hey this indie kid was hanging around outside.” When I heard the word “indie” I about lost it. I vowed right then and there to not be that guy who only wears Converse, band shirts, jeans and crazy thick-rimmed glasses. It was a gradual transition and at times I struggled (especially with my Cure, Siouxsie and Bjork shirts). Now I only dress with nice sweaters, suits, ties and nicely cut pants. In the look I’m wearing here I make the distinction between business/business and business/casual with a nice seventies vintage fly-collar dress shirt. The print adds a little something to the plain black sweater. The shades just add that I’m an artist/musician (these are similar to my grandfather’s sunglasses from the sixties which I wore constantly. Someone stole them from me when I was in the Caribbean last year).

Maria on Eric's daytime look

I chose this particular outfit for E.K. because I wanted something that was casual, but not lazy. I chose a simple black short sleeved shirt and paired it with vintage gray slacks. The short sleeved shirt has a few buttons and a collar instead of a t-shirt which would have been too relaxed. E.K. is brilliant and I wanted him to have a bit of a scholarly look so I had him wear his glasses. The frames have a sort of fifties flair which goes well with the outfit. Finally I completed the look with a nice black hat. E.K. has the ability to really wear a hat, instead of having the hat wear him. The overall look leaves it pretty open to a casual lunch, an afternoon walk or even a more formal lunch meeting. The outfit isn’t over styled and makes E.K. look as though he cares about how he looks, but not too much.

Maria on Maria’s daytime look

I found this handmade dress at a thrift store and fell in love. The fabric is pink and red tulips on a black background. The cut of the dress suits my body type, which I think is the first rule of choosing any outfit. I chose to pair the dress with black knee high socks to keep the look fun and light. I chose shiny black heels to add a little height. I wore my hair down and lightly curled to keep the general impression inviting and cheerful. The glasses I found at a thrift store as well as the velvet purse. Overall I wanted the look to be engaging. I chose shiny black heels to add a little height since the line of the outfit is broken.

Eric on Maria’s daytime look

I chose this look for Maria because she can pull it off. She’s 5’11” so she can get away with a really striking outfit. The black and white color combination draws immediate attention to her and the red purse adds a touch of color without disrupting the overall look. I think the whole Victorian look is really popular right now, which makes me most want to avoid this style. The key is avoiding the Victorian/Goth look. I put Maria’s hair up to accentuate the beautiful collar on this vintage shirt, but also to lighten up the look. If she had a black Mod bob with a fringe she’d look like she was in Ipso Facto (don‘t get me wrong, those girls are beautiful), but her blonde hair gives her less of a musician look and more of a artist/model/writer look. It gives her a noticeably unique twist on an all-too-common style.

Maria on Maria’s evening look

For my evening outfit I chose this bright red dress, another handmade vintage find. The large buttons and busy top make much accessorizing unnecessary. I put a black scarf in my hair to keep my hair down, but out of the way. I decided on simple black ballet flats because I am tall and when I go out with a group of friends I tend to slouch if I wear heels. I kept my make-up simple just some eyeliner and red lipstick, because the dress is bold enough.

E.K. on Maria’s evening look

I love this outfit. A girl has to have some self-confidence to pull off bright colors at night. I see it like this, Maria is so stunning she attracts attention wherever she goes so why not roll with that. The tights go well with the pink in the dress and the green purse is a great touch. The white gloves are a personal fixation of mine. I really love the look of gloves on a woman and these bad boys are from the twenties (we picked them up at an antique store) so it’s a great juxtaposition to the seventies dress.

If like me you fell in love with the Wimmers, you can check out Maria's blog, Little Things are Big and Eric's blog, The Humming Wires.

For the hardcore fans, they are currently working on a book, with collages by E.K. illustrating short stories by Maria Rose.
She is also writing a vegan cookbook (nom nom nom).

Eric is working on his music, with a full lenght album in the works for Maps & Mapping and a solo E.P. "The Invisible Audience".

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