A Sunday at London Fashion Week

Yesterday, I finally forced myself out of the house and dedicated my day to fashion. As you may know, I have been really slack at attending anything so far due to a lack of motivation, interest or courage maybe?

The first thing I did was to go have a quick look at the Modernist presentation in their little space off Carnaby Street. It was just what the doctor ordered: a diptyque candle making the whole room smell divine, some carefully arranged dresses & a minimal decoration. More gallery than fashion show, it made me feel better about participating to Fashion Week. I even bumped into Susie Bubble who was really lovely.

In the evening, I skipped the PPQ show in favour of some family time, and then headed to the Eley Kishimoto/Eastpack party with Isabelle. It was at the very top of Centrepoint and we were both completely mesmerized by the view from there at the start, and then by how cool and nice everyone was. Really refreshing change from the usual fashion crowd.

Isabelle & Me

Oxford Street

I also spotted many really good outfits, including a lot of Eley Kishimoto from previous collections – obviously I was going to love that!

Eley Kishimoto party

Eley Kishimoto Party

Eley Kishimoto party

We then went to the PPQ party, which was quite a shock, even if it was expected. The Café de Paris was basically filled with an army of Peaches Geldof and Erin Wasson clones, walking around pouting and swooshing their hair. The guys were Russel Brand clones, also swooshing the hair. Not the kind of crowd I like to mix with on a Sunday night (or ever actually). On the plus side, I bumped into Mélanie looking super hot.


Apart from Mélanie’s, the only outfits I really liked were worn by Hannah Mashall and by Shingai Shoniwa from the Noisettes (who were performing at the party).

Hannah Marshall

Shingai Shoniwa

I also finally got to meet Kirsty who was wearing the most spectacular shoes.

Kirtsy's shoes

It was a very busy evening, but I still managed to follow my plan and be in bed by 1! Results!

Tonight is the big night for me, as the party I organized for IFB is finally here and is looking preeeeeetty good if I can say so myself… Jennine is getting here this afternoon too and I am happy to have her as my fashion week buddy for the next couple of days!

In case I forget, remind me to write about why fashion bloggers are the best.

See you all tonight!