Dress Up party 23/02

So the Dress Up event for IFB finally came and went… I feel like I haven’t really met anyone as I was running around all night, not unlike Alice’s white rabbit – except green.

I thought I’d let you discover the reason why I was so busy: I am launching MRTV very soon with the help of Sebbywood so I was doing impromptu video interviews of various IFB members, designers and DJs.

Here are a few photos I took during the event, but be patient as Chris and Federica will be uploading theirs later.

Pippa Brooks @ Dress Up
Pippa Brooks

Dress Up 23/02

Dress Up 23/02

Minna Parikka @ Dress Up 23/02
Minna Parikka

Agent Lynch @ Dress Up 23/02
Agent Lynch

Dress Up 23/02
Dress from Vintage Secret

If you have any photos, please add them to the flickr pool!