Inspiration / Valentine’s day

In France, where I am from, Valentine’s day isn’t as big as here, although it is slowly getting there. But us French girls have a sense of drama like no other, so even if Valentine’s isn’t very big, our anger at a boy forgetting it is huge. This year, I won’t be making a fuss if my boy forgets or doesn’t do anything as he possibly used all of his romantic energy on proposing to me last month (yes, I am engaged, people!). Although maybe I will make a fuss, I haven’t decided yet. I like to keep him on the edge of his seat.

The point of this post isn’t to tell you all about my plans for Valentine’s day, so far I have none. It isn’t either to show you a type of outfit to wear, as I think we’ve all had our fair share of red and hearts and cutesy dresses, and let’s face it, who actually wears that on Valentine’s? I am a firm believer in wearing cute dresses all year long, with hearts on them, polka dots, red, pink etc, which is why I think we should draw inspiration FROM Valentine’s day to dress the rest of the year.

So yes, I am doing a Valentine’s post, but no, I am not giving you advice on what to wear on the day. I would like you to take that romantic & almost regressive look and use it all year round!

What I like most about Valentine’s is that is speaks to the 5 year old in me who likes kittens in a basket, bows, hearts and cheesy poems. You know you love this part of you as well, so why not let it express itself all year long? Like me, start wearing over sized heart fascinators for no good reason, once you finish getting dressed, see where you can fit a ridiculously big bow, make photos of kittens into badges, and just indulge in your cheesiest side.

As for the 14th of February itself… You can spend it dressed normally and start relaxing now, knowing you won’t stress about what to wear for your special date.

Now, who will be my Valentine this year? I sent a card to Jeffrey Dahmer, but he never replied.