Wish List / A capsule wardrobe for Spring

Around Christmas, I started thinking about what I would like to wear this Spring. I don’t have any specific items in mind, just a few colours, fabrics & motifs. I am normally a black and grey with splashes of bold colours type of girl, but it seems that all I can think about at the moment are muted colours. It is a bit of a problem, and possibly why I find myself in a style pickle, because obviously my wardrobe isn’t exactly filled with subtle tones of mauve, pale pink, maroon or beige. I do have a bit of this, but in a mish mash of winter & summer items, nothing consistent, and not enough to make a coherent wardrobe for the next 6 months. So I need a little bit of updating.

If I find myself stuck in a fashion rut, I find that the easiest way out is to spill the whole contents of my wardrobe on the floor and reinvent each item to suit my newly acquired tastes. This and a quick trip to the local charity shops and vintage shops to get the missing pieces generally results in a happy Mademoiselle Robot. I find it more rewarding than buying lots of different pieces each season. But that is out of the question anyway, as there is no way I could afford to redo my whole wardrobe each season, unless I start selling myself.

Here’s what I would pick for myself if I could:


Spring dresses
Tops & Bottoms

Tops & bottoms

And finally, this would be my ideal capsule wardrobe for this Spring/Summer. There are lots of unusual colours (for me), clashing with brighter shoes and a pair of light skinny jeans – which I already have.

I think I have a teal marching band type jacket somewhere, I can just get that one out, change the buttons, add some feathers & tulle ruffles and boom, instant fashion fix!

Capsule Spring

Basically, I want my Spring wardrobe to be more minimal, more grown up while still being in tune with my usual inspirations & more importantly with myself.

Now that’s the kind of challenge I like!

What are your inspirations this Spring? Do you ever find yourself in a fashion pickle, and if you do, how do you get out of it?