What I am wearing / Marc Jacobs & vintage

If I had a teleportation machine, I would go to New York to the IFB Party. I wouldn’t attend any shows of NYFW, instead I would go all the way to the top of the Empire State Building to listen to Blossom Dearie. Then, I would hop to Los Angeles to visit my dear friends there and feel the sunshine on my face.

If I had a teleportation machine, I would probably wear this outfit to travel in.

Cardigan – Marc Jacobs
Tee-Shirt – M&S
Skirt – Vintage
Shoes – Marc Jacobs

I asked Santa for this machine 10 years in a row, but I must have been a really naughty girl, because he never brought me one… there’s always next year!

Here are a few of the places I would go to:

– Tokyo
– Los Angeles
– New York
– Lake Como
– Stockholm
– Berlin
– In the middle of nowhere in the American Midwest
– Antarctica, on an ice patch with a polar bear and two penguins.

Where would you go if I lend you my teleportation machine?


ps – Another really short post, normal services will resume next week!