Fossil x Opening Ceremony | Fossil Q

Hang on to your seats, today’s post is a bit of a exciting one… If you follow me on Instagram you probably already know I flew to Berlin earlier in October for an express visit. The invitation came from Fossil, a brand I have a soft spot for (I participated in their #CallingAllCurious campaign this Summer and am faithful to my Jacqueline watch).

I first caught a glimpse of the Fossil x Opening Ceremony collection at NYFW, but I didn’t get up close and personal with it until my trip to Berlin. Let me tell you this: it is a match made in Heaven. Both brands have their own distinct quirks and ethos, and both brands are great at producing unique designs… Now put them together and you get a rather explosive cocktail of high-fashion, vintage aesthetic, art and curiosity. Every single piece of the collection holds a secret, from the watches with a subtle marble dial to small leather goods with a wild side. The Fossil x Opening Ceremony collection will be available in selected stores worldwide from January 2016, so you can save up that Christmas money. I know I will!

Of course, it isn’t all about the collaboration collection for Fossil, and before a delicious dinner at La Soupe Populaire, we also got to discover the brand’s new designs, including the Kaleido watch (another great present idea), many little robots (that I should really adopt) and of course Fossil’s latest and greatest innovation: the Fossil Q – yes, they launched their first smart watch on October 25th! I am thinking the Q Dreamer (£115) could become my best buddy. Picture this: me and the Q Dreamer, about to hop on a cab after a long lunch and a notification pops up “you better walk, you ate too much“. After several attempts to silence the conscience on my wrist, I give up and walk the few blocks that separate the restaurant from my house. And scene! This thing can count your steps, send you important notifications and you can also use it to complete your weekly curiosity challenge, because: #CallingAllCurious. At the moment, my weekly curiosity challenge revolves around my cat and his strange new sleeping fads.