A Portrait of Jacqueline #CallingAllCurious

Shooting at home is second nature for me now, I have all the equipment I need, from backgrounds to props and lighting, I can turn my living-room into a mini studio at any point. It is however quite an amusing sight for anyone who happens to be in the house when I shoot. I thought today I would quickly show you what happens “behind-the-scenes” – if we can call it that – of a DIY at-home shoot… If you are interested in seeing what really goes on in my life, I suggest you follow me on Snapchat (MelleRobot) which is where reality lives. 
This is a little something I am doing for Fossil as part of the #CallingAllCurious campaign (remember these?). The watch featured in the post is called Jacqueline and it is currently attached to my wrist every day. You can purchase the collection from .

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This is a collaboration with Fossil