LaterBot 001 – What Happened This Week

I know I don’t post a lot during the week, but I figured I would start doing little round-up posts at the weekend, recapping what happened in the week but also sharing links from around the internet. 

This week on the blog, I showed you my Winter Skincare Routine, then had a brief Summer Style Fling in Miami, of course, I couldn’t help but share some Instagram photos from my trip too. Finally, Monsieur Robot had a bit of a Lego meltdown.

I also read some pretty interesting things on the net, which include from The Order Obsessed (via L’Armoire Essentielle). I’ve been thinking a lot about ways to declutter and organise my wardrobe and her ideas have inspired me. 

Being a bit of a sucker for a good list post, I am obviously addicted to Buzzfeed and spent a little while remembering 80s toys when I read this (Powerglove, yes please). Since it is the end of the year, they also have a whole series of 2013 recaps and I think the Best Animal Photobombs article has to be the most important thing you will read all week.

On a completely different note, this guy’s expose on Global Warming and why we should take action is pretty captivating, and so simple.

Last but not least, Jayne Min aka the raddest girl on the block has released some new limited edition Céline inspired skateboards (and re-released some of her older ones). You can get them for $85 a pop in her online shop. Make sure you also take a long hard look at her blog, possibly one of the best out there right now.

That’s all for now! Have you read anything I should know about? Leave a comment and let me know.

Photo taken at Pulse Art Fair in Miami – “The Slow Disappearance of Meaning And Truth” by Robert Montgomery