Four Days In Miami: My Outfits

 I feel like this post should come with a big fat “SELF INDULGENT” sticker and a warning: “Contains more photos of me than anyone needs to see in one sitting”. But I figured I could show you all my Miami outfits in a single post, rather than dragging it out for weeks. Do we agree? Miami was awesome, it was hot and I came prepared. I suppose the people who were lucky enough to weigh my suitcase would say a little too prepared. I normally pack my current favourite things to wear, but obviously at the moment, I mostly wear jumpers and the 28C Miami heat doesn’t really lend itself to a lovely cashmere jumper. Go figure.
So have a look below for my daily outfits!
I am wearing: Acne tee-shirt, Zara shorts, asos sandals, Taylor Morris sunglasses and Bottletop bag
I am wearing: same as above + an from the Beyond Snowdome collection
Whyred dress, Office sandals, MCM bag
Alexander Wang blazer, Isabel Marant tee-shirt, MCM bag, asos sandals, Triwa x Fiona Paxton watch, Taylor Morris sunnies
Whyred dress, Jennifer Loiselle earrings
Isabel Marant tee-shirt, Zara shorts, MCM bag, Taylor Morris Sunnies


Monki shirt, Levi’s 501 jeans, , Bottletop bag, Taylor Morris sunglasses
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Photos by Federica Bardelli
Mademoiselle Robot was a guest of the Conrad Miami