Monsieur Robot – It’s Lego Time!

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you’ll have noticed I’m posting daily pictures of what’s now become a bit of a Christmas tradition for me – my Star Wars Lego advent calendar. Every day I get a tiny Star Wars figure to build out of Lego, which is actually way better than the disgusting dog chocolate you normally get in advent calendars. I’ve gone a bit Lego mad actually – I even play the Lego video games. There’s something about collecting every single piece of lego that appeals to my OCD nature. There’s a rumour that if you work for Lego instead of a business card you use a little Lego figure that looks like you, imagine that?! Probably quite impractical but pretty cool nonetheless. Now Lego have released a collection of watches for adults – the perfect gift for a fully grown man-child like myself. True to form they come with extra links and accessories that click into place like any Lego piece, allowing you to customise your watch and create endless variations. I can barely contain myself. Have a look the watches while I go and breathe into a paper bag for a few minutes. 
Best thing is if you leave it lying on the floor and accidentally step on it in your bare feet it’s way less painful than if you stood on a regular piece of Lego. Everybody wins.