What I am wearing / Milking the nautical cow

The great thing about working from home is being able to see your friends (who also work from home) for an impromptu picnic in the middle of the week. For a couple of hours, the weather was actually on our side and we were able to sit in a little garden and chat about life, boys and the evils of the internet (I might actually dedicate a whole post to the evils of the internet – in the meantime, read this).

I really have to stop with the digressions. Having unearthed those navy H&M trousers, I am falling deeper and deeper into my usual springtime nautical look. It will get boring at some point, and if you remember well, it is not AT ALL what my plans for a spring wardrobe were. I wanted muted colours, looks like I might have got lost along the way. Fashion habits are hard to get out of.

Milking that nautical cow

No vintage at all in this outfit I am afraid, only old high street stuff (apart from the bow and brooch).

Milking that nautical cow

Milking that nautical cow

I am trying really hard to get out of the house this week, after having suffered from an acute case of hermititis lonesomis for a few weeks. Monday night, I went to see Monsters vs. Aliens at the IMAX, I felt like a child and wanted to clap everytime something was happening in the film. The 3D really is spectacular, and the animation close to perfection. It also made me want white hair really bad, but you can imagine that my hair would be a b**** to dye white (or cotton candy pink – my dream hair colour).

All photos and bow by Loulou Loves You