Innerspace – Interiors Adventures.

Whether it is due to a desire for perfection or endless mind changing, my flats have always been in constant evolution. I like to move the furniture around to get the air moving again, paint the walls, add or remove trinkets etc. It generally happens suddenly, I get into a frenzy and do everything at once. It is not as impulsive as it seems though, as my decorating process is pretty much the same as my dressing up one… I look around, fill my brain with inspiration and once everything is properly assimilated, I go ahead and take action. The inspiration process can take weeks, but the actual decorating happens very quickly, giving the impression it was done on a whim.

This time, I am going to share the inspiration process with you (how self indulgent) as with Spring getting warmer, I am sure my house is not the only one desperately needing a little sprucing up. My favourite interiors blog are Apartment Therapy, Bloesem and Design Sponge. I don’t read any interiors magazines. I also take inspirations from places I go to (not just houses, it can also be shops, parks, cafés…) and film / tv shows interiors.

I work and live in my flat, which means that I spend a lot of time in it. More than when I used to work in an office. So I see its flaws quicker, from paint chipping to bad feng shui (yeah I know, I just wrote this, and it will probably make a couple of people be sick in their mouth).

I am about to embark in a little decorating journey aiming to make the flat feel more airy (we don’t have any outdoor area, so it is nice to let the outside in somehow) and also to create an inspiring work space (at the moment, my desk is by the bed, you can imagine the problems it creates). All this has to be done taking into account a little girl whose idea of decorating is littering giant teddies everywhere.

To let some air in the flat, the hallway is going to get a lick of paint, possibly in a mint green-ish colour, to keep the vintage feel of the rest of the house while making it fresher. I really want to paint the floors white as well as I keep having dreamy visions of white floors, light white curtains floating in the breeze and small plants & candles on the window ledge.


For my work space, I just have just one image in mind, and it is quite minimal & vintage. Now I just need to figure out how to define an office area in a flat without the extra room… That will be the next episode I think.

Photo from Apartment Therapy