My Style Secrets

My only style secret is that I don’t really have a secret… This is the realisation I came to as I was writing a guest post for Westfield London about “My Style Secrets” as part of their #IndividualStyle campaign. Earlier today I was chatting with my pal Ella and confiding how little I think about my outfits and how miserable I get me when I actually have to put a little more effort into getting dressed. I may look up to the Honey Badger for life inspiration but there are times in my professional life when I need to dress up and look sharp. It is my JOB after all, right? 

With London Fashion Week around the corner, I am having to think rather furiously about what to wear. The only way I can feel good in fashionable environments is if I can somehow put together an outfit which sums up the very essence of my style. Basically I need to be fiercely myself. So yes, this season I might have to add a sprinkle of “granny chic” or “dark victoriana”  to my usual get up, but in the end, these trends will only work for me if I can seamlessly incorporate them. 
If you are interested in reading more about the above and find out everything about my everyday coping strategies, please visit the Westfield London website to read my article!

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Main image, I am wearing: Zara knitted coat and 70s blouse, Levi’s jeans, H&M boots and Baraboux bag. Above: Penmayne London hat and Zara shoes
Wearing: Boden outfit + vintage bandana
Wearing: Saint Laurent Paris t-shirt, Current/Elliott shirt, Selected bomber jacket, Zara trousers, Adidas trainers, Boden backpack.
This is a collaboration with Westfield