Give Up Clothes For Good

Despite what the title may suggest, I am not asking you to start living life in the nude! I am, however urging you to dive deep inside your closets and reach for those items that sit, unloved and unworn, gather them, bag them up and hotfoot it to your nearest TK Maxx
But why?” I hear you say, “I usually go to TK Maxx to buy clothes.” – the answer to this is pretty simple: TK Maxx has partnered with Cancer Research UK Kids & Teens and is encouraging us to Give Up Clothes for Good, as September marks Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. TK Maxx is urging us to help brave kids beat childhood cancers sooner as every item donated will help fund vital research into childhood, teen and young adult cancers. You can donate your unwanted clothes, accessories and quality homeware in the special bins provided in TK Maxx stores across the country all year round. Each bag could be worth up to £30 for Cancer Research UK Kids & Teens, which means that if each UK household donated one bag of clothes, over £740 million could be raised to help beat childhood cancers. 
Singer / Songwriter Ashley Roberts is helping with the campaign launch and has already dropped off bags of unwanted clothes at her local TK Maxx store to inspire her fans to follow suit. I spent the last week clearing out every single little corner of my wardrobe in order to find everything I could donate in order to raise money for Cancer Research UK Kids & Teens. With a little help from Marie Kondo’s “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up“, it wasn’t actually that hard to organise this major closet clear out. On Saturday, I had 15 bags ready to go and so little by little I am taking them to my local TK Maxx, hoping to help in my own small way.
Claire Rowney, director of Cancer Research UK Kids & Teens said: “Thanks to research, more children are surviving than ever before. Today 3 in 4 children under 15 years old are cured of their cancer but we must make faster progress to save more lives. All the money raised by Give Up Clothes for Good will help fund valuable research so drop off your unwanted clothing, accessories and quality homeware to your local TK Maxx store and help us to beat childhood cancers sooner.

So please, take a couple hours out of your busy schedules this month, look through your wardrobe and go take some bits to your local TK Maxx to help Cancer Research UK Kids & Teens beat childhood cancers. Tell your friends, colleagues and family to do the same – together we can really make a difference. 
This post is in association with TK Maxx