A Denim Playsuit in Silverlake

As I sat on the rainbow-heart Micheltorena stairs in Silverlake, poised to get my photo taken I just thought to myself “I wonder how many more butts have sat here, doing exactly the same thing, you big dummy“. Yeah, I am that kind to myself during my inner monologues. But still, because I don’t listen to anyone ever, including myself, I sat there and had my photo taken. I had to do it somewhere, right?

The Micheltorena stairs are just off Sunset Blvd in Silverlake – pretty sure I said this already – and are just one example of many well-known sets of stairs in the Echo Park / Silverlake area. The best known of all might be the “Music Box Stairs” (Vendome St to Descanso Dr) made famous by the Laurel & Hardy skit where they are trying to get a piano up the steep incline. As you can see, there is no piano in sight in this post, which is probably for the best. If you are around the Silverlake area, it is definitely worth ditching your car and exploring on foot, going up and down hilly streets and steep staircases, discovering hidden viewpoints… Or simply sitting there like a massive dweeb getting your photo taken. Hiya.

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