Summer Classics – Triwa

The theme for the foreseeable future here at Robot HQ is Endless Summer. It was a blissfully scorching day when LaĆ«titia came up with this theme but it’s been a weird and typically British mix of overcast, rainy nonsense ever since. In short it’s a classic British summer. In light of that I want to impart some summer style advice which is sensitive to the peculiar summers we have to endure on this little island of ours. From June onwards it’s prudent to carry a combination of sunglasses, rain macs, SPF and a scarf in your bag because that’s just how changeable the weather is. In a way it’s a shame because nothing communicates the joyous combination of summer and fashion as much as sunglasses do. To say they’re a luxury item is an understatement especially when you consider the fact that you might, if lucky, have about a fortnights worth of wear out of them.

I used to have a crippling addiction to sunglasses. Like designer shoes and designer bags they’re usually a safe bet to splash cash on. They’ll always fit you and trend wise don’t tend to change too much from season to season, so make for a pretty sound investment. But as time goes on and the price of designer sunglasses continues to climb and I find it harder and harder to justify a purchase. If only there was someone who made sunglasses that exemplify both the quality and forward thinking style of designer sunglasses without the sky high price tag. Oh wait…there is! Triwa are a Stockholm based design collective creating a quiet storm in world of fashion accessories. Covering both sunglasses and watches Triwa offer some serious competition to the crowded world of over-branded, over-designed accessories with their own super-chic Swedish designs.

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