Levi’s Vintage Clothing “Bowl-O-Rama”

Levi’s Vintage Clothing has slowly but surely over the past few seasons been gathering steam in the increasingly denim obsessed world of fashion. The label offers painstakingly accurate recreations of vintage Levi’s styles, dated by year each comes with a set of specific idiosyncrasies involving tabs, rivets and  fabric.  Levi’s, more than any other brand, can trade on their own rich history of cuts and styles which sets them apart from everyone else and on top of that they understand denim better than anyone. I normally find modern fetishism for 1950’s fashion mind-numbingly boring and reductive but that almost always comes down to issues around authenticity. As the shift towards a looser fit of trouser has begun to take effect on menswear the 1950’s are an inescapable reference point. For SS15 Levi’s Vintage Clothing have gone all out with a bowling themed photoshoot that merges the nostalgia of Grease with a healthy dose of George Lucas’ American Graffiti, the progenitor for our endless obsession with this decade and it’s never looked more contemporary. Fashion eh?

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