Hair – Getting The Chop

I have said it before and I will say it again, I think I have tried everything I could with my hair. Orange, pixie crop, bob, wavy, straight, bleached, black. From time to time, a change is necessary.

My hair has been long for quite a while now and although I love swishing it around like it’s nobody’s business, I was also missing having an actual hairstyle. After all, I spent most of my late teens and early twenties sporting an interesting “Girl, Interrupted” kitchen shears type tiny fringe. I wish digital photography had been more common in those days, I would have loved to show you a hair retrospective. I seriously tried it all. My friends will confirm. Right now, though, in the spirit of reinvention, I decided I would get the chop. So I parted with about 6 inches of hair at Neville’s and went from long hair to sassy bob in a flash (well… a flash that took 4 hours). 
You can’t really go wrong with a haircut at Neville’s, whether you just go in for a trim or something a little more complicated. I get my ombré (they call it ombralayage) done there, usually by Seniz, although today it was done amazingly by James Reece. My haircut today was courtesy of Top Session Stylist Stephen Low, who took on board my slightly iffy hair talk and all the photos I showed him from my Pinterest Hair Board (see it below) and turned them into a beautiful wavy bob. I instantly felt 100% cooler and also somehow more myself. 
He also gave me some valuable advice on how to keep my fluffy, frizzy hair in check, which is so totally necessary with shorter hair, so I thought I’d share that with you: basically you need to go all out and moisturise religiously. His main advice was to use conditioner (of course) but to also add some in (size of a 10p coin) rub it in the hair and to just leave it there while you air dry. I am trying to avoid shampoo in general, preferring combi-washes and conditioner only type regimes, in the hope that one day I will restore my natural curls instead of recreating them with a blow-dry. 
I feel a little self-indulgent making the first post of this “reinvention” month about my new haircut, but I got really excited and wanted to share it with you straight away!! I can’t recommend Neville enough for a great cut in London. 
Here is who you should ask for: 
– cut: Stephen Low or James Reece
– blowdry: Paolo or Jack (or Stephen of course)
– colour: Seniz or James Reece

5 Pont St, London SW1X 9EJ
020 7235 3654

Before: long hair, nothing to write home about.
Stephen working his magic on the cut
Reece working his magic on the colour
Sassy Bob!