Beauty – Neville Ombralayage

Important hair news: there is a new ombré technique in town… I first adopted ombré hair quite a few years ago now (looking for a link to my first ombré post, I realise it’s been 4 years!), while I was recovering from my intense tangerine / ginger period. I like it, it is easy to maintain and I can control the intensity at home if I want to. When the people at Neville first got in touch to offer me a trial of their brand new Ombralayage, at first I thought “that’s not really necessary, I just had my ombré done really nicely at Taylor Taylor”. The thing is, when it comes to hair, I am very easily swayed as I love to experiment and learn about new techniques.
A week later, off to Neville I went, mane ready to be ombralayaged by Seniz, expert colourist at Neville on Pont Street. I’ve seen all sorts of ways to achieve ombré, from top salons to my own clumsy bathroom experiments, but as Seniz started explaining her technique which involves feathering, backcombing and cling film, I knew the result wouldn’t be like anything I tried before. Ombralayage – a slightly annoying hybrid word – is the lovechild of “ombré” and “balayage”. You know by now that ombré basically means having a gradient in your hair that starts with your natural root colour and slowly fades to blonde. Balayage is another technique which consists in taking small strands of hair here and there and lightening them. So the ombralayage is the exact mix of those two things and the result is quite subtle, sun kissed and more natural than traditional ombré – just look at this post again.
I love the way my hair looks now, I think the addition of some lighter pieces here and there makes it that much nicer. I will definitely be back for more!
Neville Hair & Beauty
5 Pont Street, London SW1
Ombralayage from £250 to £300 – bookings: 020 7235 3654 or via their website.