New season, new hair

It would seem that recently I have been changing my hair as often as I change my mind about the perfect pet. I love using my hair as an accessory and while I am waiting for it to grow super long, I thought I could have a little bit of fun, so I decided to try dip-dye, or ombré if you prefer.
Because the ends of my hair were already bleached before, they have been fading naturally over the past few months, so I had a very subtle dip-dye effect going on… but I am not one to be content with subtle things when it comes to hair. I need bold and possibly stupid. 
Now you tell me, what’s stupider than Pepe le Pew hair? Yep, I thought so!

I really like my new do, and for those of you who asked me yesterday where I get my hair done, click here
If like me you do a lot of damage to your hair on a regular basis, make sure you do treatments twice weekly and keep moisturising your hair (I know, that sounds odd, but it works). I use Bumble & Bumble “Quenching Complex”, it is magical.
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