December Favourites – Fashion Edition

My wardrobe has a terrible case of split personality disorder at the moment, perfectly illustrated by the two pairs of shoes sitting in front of me right now: a pair of low black Dr Martens and the above Kurt Geiger stilettos. 

Basically, I am not sure whether I want to hibernate until Spring, only leaving my house to purchase some food or if I want to push myself right out of my comfort zone and attend all the fabulous parties I somehow got invited to. 
Receiving a couple pieces from Hush was like a sign from the Universe that perhaps hibernation was the right thing to do… However, upon inspection, I decided they were too nice to be kept indoors. So I wore them out. In fairness, so far, they have mostly seen the inside of my flat and the inside of my studio. The skirt did get its moment in the spotlight when it flapped in the wind as I was pedalling away on my bike on the way to said studio. Until I tried it on, I didn’t realise quite how much I needed a flippy little silk skirt as part of my Winter wardrobe. But it is exactly what I needed to pair with heavy knits and, shocker, wear something other than jeans for a change. 
Left to right: , Olympus Pen EP-L7 camera, Kurt Geiger pumps, Hush jumper and skirt.
This is the softest, lightest piece of knitwear. So warm and cosy.
Magician pumps from
My new baby: the

Ideal cycling companion: Courrèges x Eastpack backpack.
This is a collaboration with Hush