Letters From The Louniverse – December 2014

Tarot Card of the Month – The Five of Swords
We are all in need of some serious energy recalibration right now and the end of the year is the perfect time to take action on guiding ourselves back to a harmonic state of being.
You see, it’s ok to be feeling somewhat frazzled and scattered; it’s been a year of a lot of highs and lows, soul searching and unexpected feelings popping up here there and everywhere. In fact I feel like this year has been designed to chuck us about a bit, shake us to our core and back again.
Why? These changes are all in place, of course, to get us to rise up and start saying more no’s to what doesn’t work for us anymore in order to have a nice clear space to bring in fresh insight and experiences. Some of you have probably even noticed that the less you fight against yourself and your intuition the more life flows in a way that works for you.
So, as you start leafing through the pages of the year gone by, try and cast the act with a compassionate eye, rather than a judgmental one. The last month of the year is the ideal time to be insanely good to oneself. That recalibration I talked about has to come from within; it’s time for you to get crazily excited about looking after yourself and loving yourself. It’s not a time to berate yourself for perceived failures or things you think you should have done.
Over these few weeks and as the year draws to a close, slow down and start to feel where you need nurture and where you need a boost of energy. You know what to do to calm yours and as the year draws to a close, slow down and start to feel where you need n system – all need to do is allow it.