Beauty – Sparkle Blow-Dry at Neville’s

If like me you were born with hair to rival only My Little Pony’s (but not in a good way), you will definitely benefit from today’s post… 

A couple weeks ago, as I was on my way to the glorious 45 Park Lane for the night, I made a pitstop at Neville‘s to road test their Sparkle Blow-Dry and Manicure. I know, my life just keeps getting harder. Where does she find the energy and courage? I hear you whisper.  What can I say I am a trouper. No, but seriously guys. If you are like me and like to dress like a 16 yo skater dude or a pilgrim on a very important mission, good hair is a must. Otherwise, you end up looking like a 16yo boy or a pilgrim and the irony of the whole thing is lost on everyone. Oh the irony. So yeah: slogan sweat shirts proclaiming your love for the internet – yes but with a great blow dry. 
I generally get my hair done at home these days, a friend of mine who also happens to be a super skilled hairdresser comes over and sorts out my mane, taking it from neigh to “hey“.  Her name is Jasmina, she doesn’t have a website but email me and I’ll hook you up. This time though as I said I went to try out Neville’s festive treatment. It is extra pampering so I obviously loved it, and it is great for all hair types. My hair is particularly dry and was in dire need of extreme conditioning. For this treatment, Neville’s work with Shu Uemura products and cook up a special serum for your hair which is made from a few different products. After a good shampoo, they sprinkle twelve drops of this magical serum onto your hair to turn it into a bouncy, shiny, healthy do. When it comes to the blow-dry itself, Neville’s are good, real good mostly because the stylists listen to what you want. I clearly don’t like a super glam finish, preferring a gently tousled, lived-in bed hair style. And see, they get it there. And this is so rare. That broken wave “oh I’ve just been surfing and rolling in the sand” look is perhaps the hardest to achieve and also the hardest for a stylist to comprehend it seems, as wherever I ask for this, I seem to end up with a Nashville bouffant. Maybe that’s my look, who knows? Check out a step by step below.

Shu Uemura Art of Hair range

Hyaluronic Fluid hand massage to avoid getting witches hooves

If you wish, you can have actual crystals added to your nails. I wasn’t feeling quite that festive so I passed and instead opted for a classic Berry Naughty from Essie. Nail polish names, you guys.