I Love Food – Taste Of Dorchester Collection

One of my main pleasures in life is room service. Just say the words “breakfast in bed” and I am basically anyone’s. Anytime I visit a hotel, any hotel, the first thing I do when I get in the room is to check the in-room dining situation.

You see, in-room dining caters to two of my favourite things: food and avoiding people. There is nothing worse than socialising first thing in the morning, or even seeing people before you’ve had a chance to curse the Universe for making orange juice taste so gross after brushing your teeth. Mind you, I am also not a fan of seeing people just before I go to bed. This makes me sound like a real delight, I realise that. I am actually quite sociable, but generally fairly elusive – ask anyone who’s invited me to anything ever, they will confirm. 

During my recent stay at 45 Park Lane (which is fast becoming my happiest place on Earth – more on this soon), I reached in-room dining Heaven. I think I definitely peaked there and it is all downhill from now on. That’s because of a little something I mentioned before called Taste Of Dorchester Collection. They should have called it “Super dream land eat in bed menu” but it doesn’t have the same luxury appeal I guess. The Taste Of Dorchester Collection selection is a new addition to the in-room dining options throughout the whole Dorchester Collection group. Essentially, it means you can now tuck into your favourite dishes wherever you are in the world. For example, as I was in residence at 45 Park Lane and as usual wishing I was in Los Angeles, I ordered the McCarthy Salad, which is a specialty from the Beverly Hills Hotel. For dessert, I went for the Bread & Butter Pudding, which hails from not-so-far-away, across the road to be precise – you guessed it, I am talking about The Dorchester.
Each hotel from the collection has a signature dish available in the Taste Of Dorchester Collection menu and each dish evokes the identity of the hotel. The idea for this menu comes straight from the Dorchester Collection’s Innovation Committee who, after studying the habits of the various hotels guests’ realised the clientele was very much faithful to the group and the dining options on offer in each property. They also realised there was a growing demand to bring all the properties together through food. It is now a reality… And so since September 1st you can be like Marcel Proust and his madeleines, no matter which Dorchester Collection property you are staying at.
The McCarthy Salad (Beverly Hills Hotel)
In-room dining bliss at 45 Park Lane

Bread & Butter Pudding from The Dorchester
Lobster Club from Le Meurice
Butter Lettuce Salad from 45 Park Lane

Vitello Tonnato from Hotel Principe Di Savoia