Beauty – What’s In My Make-Up Bag

Not sure you know this about me, but I am incredibly nosey. I like to know everything about everyone, including perfect strangers. My favourite features in magazines or online are generally ones that take you around someone’s flat, or inside their handbag.

I love the VOGUE 73 Questions videos for obvious reasons, but also because you get to poke around someone’s house (hello Reese Witherspoon’s Los Angeles mansion!). I’ve been asked a few times in the past to reveal what’s inside my handbag, I’ve also had people coming to nose around my flat for press features, and I am always very happy to comply, as I feel after years as a weirdo internet stalker, it is only fair the tables would turn and I’d become the… erm… stalkee? To cut a rather long story short, I was asked by my friends over at Lipcote to show their readers the inside of my make-up bag and of course, I said “yes“. 

The feature is now live on their blog and !
This post is part of an ongoing collaboration with Lipcote