Happy Place – The Dorchester, London

My teenage years – like yours – were plagued by a few things: boys, gameboys, biker boots, mixtapes, more boys. Then there was the small issue of MTV Cribs, which forever tainted my approach to interiors. I can no longer enter a bedroom without thinking “this is where the magic happens“. Add to this a hopelessly romantic soul, a four poster bed and you have a disturbing teen cocktail. It hasn’t really changed much, if I have to be completely honest with you, for when I arrived in my suite at The Dorchester a couple weeks ago and saw the four poster bed, I threw myself on it, looked around and declared to an empty room “this is where the magic happens“. I really meant it too, because if the magic doesn’t happen in a beautiful room overlooking Hyde Park on a cold Winter night, then when does it?
Well apparently, it also happens right next door, in the deepest bathtub known to Man and also in the  adjoining living room. I am of course talking about the best magic in the world, when someone as highly strung and highly stressed as me suddenly manages to relax and forget about everything else before surrendering to a slumber so deep you can’t be sure the whole experience wasn’t just an hallucination. 
… then you wake up, stare at Hyde Park for a while and the most delicious breakfast brings you back to life and reminds you it was all real. 
The Dorchester suites (and the Park suites) have just been lovingly redecorated by Alexandra Champalimaud in a classic English way where timeless glamour meets a certain eccentricity. 
Traduction – Les suites du Dorchester ont été redorées recemment par Alexandra Champalimaud. J’y ai passé une nuit parfaite.

Mademoiselle Robot was a guest of The Dorchester