Monsieur Robot – F*CK Y*U by Rankin

I always though the picture above was Kate Moss, but it’s actually my beloved Heidi Klum (I’m an obsessive Project Runway fan you see). How could I not know that this was Heidi? As an image it’s become iconic – I’ve seen it on everything from tote bags to t-shirts that you buy on a market stall; that’s the real sign of an iconic image. This glorious picture graces the cover of a new book by British photographer Rankin who has apparently over the years been taking pictures of people flipping the bird. That’s the theme of his new book which is available exclusively at . 

I love coffee table photography books almost as much as I love flipping the bird so really this whole damn project was made for me. It features an amazingly diverse mix of celebrities captured during Rankin’s whole career. There are shots of everyone from the Spice Girls to Grimes. I should warn you that there is also picture of Rita Ora in there. Good grief, is there nowhere that I can go to escape that woman? Seriously. The image of Rupert Grint just about makes up for it. Check out some of the rest of the images below and remember that flipping the bird is always big and always clever. 

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