Letter From The Louniverse – October

Tarot Card Of The Month – The Six of Swords
Right now we are all in a significant period of change – the tides are turning for everyone, and it’s comforting to remember that we are all in it together. However, the work we do to forward move our own lives is of course a solo journey and this is an important few weeks to focus on where you need rest, rejuvenation or release. 
Rest – This is essential if you’ve been burning out completely in recent months, it’s time to allow yourselves to actually just stop and be still. Sometimes that involves a lot of fidgeting and so it’s important to know that times like these don’t mean you are going backwards or being unproductive! Taking a break may be five minutes outside or taking a trip away, but the essence of the idea is of valuing your time. In this space, be willing to release pressure off yourself to ‘have it all together’ and know that you aren’t supposed to have all the answers.
Rejuvenation comes in the form of checking in on what your spirit needs. I often think of our spirit at the centre of our chests where we can strike a match and light ourselves up. How could you be feeling more awake right now? Have you misplaced or hidden away your daily allowance of fun and laughter? Or are you pushing away creative passions because you feel like you should be doing something else? Consider that when you give time to what makes you feel alive you put yourself in a brighter place where it’s easier to walk through your challenges.
Finally, what do you need to release this month? The art of letting go – Instead of worrying that you might lose something, know that every time you move on from situations in your life that aren’t working for you anymore, you create a space for something better to come in. 
This month, just allow yourself to drift steadily forwards and make being compassionate to yourself a non negotiable thing.