Trieste Visual Diary

I am so in love with Trieste… I was there for the second time in July (see my first time Trieste diary here), attending ITS on behalf of Swarovski Elements and once again it was a delight to be able to wander the streets of the Adriatic gem. From the large open Plazas merging with the sea to the many cobbled streets and colourful buildings, it made my heart soar at every street corner. Or maybe it was the gelato? In Trieste, I mastered the art of walking and eating – and by eating I mean eating gelato of course – without ending my little walk looking like the ice cream monster. It is a strong look, but I don’t think it is very me.
This time, I had a little bit more time to myself so I set off early to go exploring, Olympus Pen firmly in hand. 

Palace Suite
Via San Nicolò, 34, 34121 Trieste, Italy
La Piola
Via San Nicolò, 1, Trieste, Italy
Via San Nicolo, 18, 34121 Trieste, Italy

Corso Italia, 10, 34121 Trieste, Italy
Miramare Castle
Viale Miramare, 34151 Trieste, Italy

The view from the ITS show venue. Take that, Somerset House!

On my walk I caught the end of the local markets. It was hard to resist eating my way through them, but I did because I have the willpower of a goddess – also both my hands were holding gelato.
Dream mutt
Dream car
This and main photos are from Piazza Ponterosso
If you were ever in a position where you have to hold a giant shell while only wearing a leaf, this is who you should get inspiration from. Yes, I studied Art History, people.

More stalking of dogs.
And then quickly pretending I am only taking photos of cacti to hide the fact I was really creeping on someone’s dog.
Even the tunnels are pretty in Trieste.
I later sat with this dude and we discussed life for a good two hours. Sadly I will never grow a wisdom moustache like his.

Lunch in one of the perfect trattorias in town
And of course, the real star of my trip: gelato from Grom which was conveniently located approximately three steps from my hotel.
All photos taken with the Olympus Pen EP-5 with 17mm 1.8 lens.