Wish List – Inés Figaredo

I don’t even know where to begin with this. It started off in a pretty innocuous manner, by clicking on an email link, only to be left staring into the eyes of… A BAG. I have a slight thing for googly eyes – when I say “a slight thing”, what I mean is that I am definitely making euphemisms all over the world work for their money. Let’s put it this way: most items I own have at one point in their existence been blessed with a pair (or trio) of googly eyes. That includes: my cat’s butt, the fridge, handbags, my kindle, phone (duh) and also myself and some friends. I can back all this up with proof on instagram, so if you don’t believe me, go and rummage through my feed. My obsession doesn’t stop with googly eyes, however. It extends to the creepier side of things which is disincarnated eyes, dolls eyes and other bizarro wonders.
Basically what I am saying here is that the WHO Family collection by Inés Figaredo is most certainly the missing piece in my sartorial puzzle. My first encounter was the Who 4  but I am definitely not monogamous when it comes to handbags and I have more than enough love going around for EVERYONE. So I am willing to spread myself a little thin and live happily ever after with all the eye-adorned bags in the Who Family. Even the little ones will do.  Seriously, dude I made a gif about it. With a spiral. To hypnotize someone into giving me one for my birthday. Or even better for my non-birthday that so happens to be everyday until December the 18th when we take a break for my birthday before resuming non-birthday activity. Don’t tell me I didn’t give you a choice of dates.
I apologise in advance if my obsession is contagious. 
Oh, I almost forgot: her jewellery line is also pretty sweet.