48 hours in Trieste

On Friday, I left rainy London and flew off to Trieste, a beautiful city on the Adriatic coast of Italy, a few kilometres from the Slovenian border. I was invited there by Swarovski Elements for International Talent Support (known as ITS) a project put together by Barbara Franchin, a world famous talent scout for young fashion designers. Before I start writing about ITS and the actual fashion pieces I saw there, I wanted to share some photos of Trieste where I spent two days. I would have happily extended my stay, but sadly the fairytale had to end. This is about dressing up, drinking prosecco at sunset, dipping my toes in the warm sea and visiting enchanted castles.
I was particularly seduced by Miramare castle and its incredible views of the sea which made me feel as if I had suddenly stepped on the set of Alain Resnais’ Last Year at Marienbad (a totally wonderful film that you must see if you haven’t already). I find it hard to pinpoint one thing about the trip that was much better than the rest as I spent those 48 hours in a complete dolce vita daze, only switching my mind on to inspect the creations of the ITS finalists. 
Traduction – Quelques photos de mon voyage à Trieste où j’étais invitée par Swarovski Elements pour assister à ITS.