Letters From The Louniverse – April 2014

Tarot Card Of The Month – The Son of Cups
Astrologers have been talking about April 2014 for years as a shaky month full of change, and now here we are. As with any moment – shaky or otherwise, I believe that we are always going to feel our best if we operate on our highest vibe and up our self-care. If you feel under stress, retreat from drama, think of where your serenity space lies inside of you and go there – unapologetically and as often as possible.
I’m learning that when we feel off balance or stuck somehow, it’s usually because we are not fully embodied and somewhat living on the sidelines of our lives. To feel empowered we have to commit to taking part in our own story. If you are taking a bit of a wishy washy viewpoint to your days, or feeling like you are a victim of your days then it’s time to slide back into your skin.
Romantically if you feel like you’ve been taken for a ride, or are chasing (and flagging) behind that knight in shining armor or lady luck, then now is the moment to surrender. After all, if you want to feel good then you need to allow someone in who is going to make you feel good too – chasing after something or someone that isn’t really available will only serve to make you feel unsupported by the world.
So, take a shot at choosing personal power this month: how do you want to feel? How do you want to shape your days? Support yourself by taking action. Don’t sit back waiting for things to happen or someone to morph into how you want them to be. Dive fully into your experience, stand in your skin and bring an element of positive change into your own life.
You are the hero within your story.

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