Monsieur Robot – Stephen Einhorn Jewellery

According to Marilyn Monroe, diamonds are a girls best friend. What’s a mans best friend? DOGS. Don’t get me wrong, I love dogs. I would love to have my own dog – but really, some diamonds would be nice too. Thanks for nothing Marilyn. The longer I’ve worked in the fashion industry the more complicated my relationship with clothing has become. While I’m still willing to spend $$$ on clothing I’m more conscious of seasonal trends and what is an investment piece versus what’s going to be a flash in the pan trend. If you spend a lot on something which will be quickly be copied by the high street you might regret that purchase. So at this point I’ve started to focus more on investment pieces, and classic , timeless items,  and last but not least jewellery. Jewellery trends don’t move quite as quickly and fashion trends do and obviously gold, silver and gemstones have a genuine value. Long story short I’ve become I’m all about the bling. Eat it Jessie J.
Stephen Einhorn is a London based jewellery designer creating bespoke and ready to wear jewellery for men and women (sidenote: Einhorn is German for Unicorn. God I love Unicorns). Stephen has an implicit understanding of men’s jewellery, you might remember me expressing my dismay with the world of men’s jewellery before. When was that last time you saw someone wearing dog tags and thought “Wow he looks good“? Exactly. Paul Smith commissioned Stephen’s very first men’s jewellery collection plus many subsequent collections including a women’s jewellery collection. Stephen has also designed men’s ranges for A Bathing Ape and Alfred Dunhill. Best of all there is an implict Britishness to his designs, or rather an artistic celebration of London. Some designs utilise 2000 year old Thames Wood excavated from the first Roman Port facilities built circa 63AD. There are also some particularly idiosyncratic charms that Londoners will love – bowler hats, police hats, and even (my favourite) a dirty old pigeon. There’s an entire skull collection too, Lord knows I love me some skulls. And for good measure there’s a beautiful fang ring and pendant in a range of precious metals (pretty much everything can be made for you in various metals and customised with a range of gemstones). Yes I’m still obsessed with vampires. 

My absolute favourite piece is the pirate charm necklace. Comprised of a pearl, a dagger and a skull and crossbones charm with your choice of gemstones for eyes. Everything a budding corsair could want. (Don’t you dare make a joke about pearl necklaces). Check out the video below for some behind the scenes action!
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