Thing Of The Week - Acne Track Boots


Hi, my name is La√ętitia and I collect black ankle boots. And when I say collect, I mean hoard. But I am starting to have it all under control. The other day I sold two pairs of boots on DePop to make space for these new babies. See, I am not entirely unreasonable. Meet the Acne Track Zip-Up Boots. They've been on my mind for a few years, I've ogled them on stylish Swedish feet during Stockholm Fashion Week, I tracked them online but I didn't know their name back then. A bit like a romantic message you read Craiglist's Missed Connections. Something like "I saw you on the subway the other day, mysterious brunette. Your skin looked so soft I wanted to wear it as a suit". One day they appeared on and well... a few clicks later they were in my wardrobe. Since I am having a bit of a Scandi week, I figured I would share. - Life and Style through the eyes of a thirty-something Parisian in London


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