Mat Maitland x Printemps Du Louvre

I feel incredibly lucky to be surrounded by so many talented people. My friends Jaja and Mat are a prime example of a “power couple” – don’t get me wrong, they don’t wear Wall Street style suits. I met Jaja in the early days of this blog and we quickly became friends. She has an inimitable way with words and is also a genius with a camera. But enough about this wonderful lady: today it is all about Mat, the other half of the power unit. 
Mat Maitland is the Creative Director of Big Active Designs. You have probably seen his work for Kenzo and Basement Jaxx, or fashion editorials for Hero, L’Officiel or Volt. His multi-layered surrealist aesthetic is easily recognisable and this is what attracted the good people from Printemps Paris. They have commissioned him to direct and design a film to mark their opening in the Carrousel du Louvre (which is a large shopping centre underneath the Louvre in Paris). 
Watch Mat’s video and you will discover a wonderful tribute to the museum and its masterpieces thrown upside-down in Mat’s surreal world of futuristic bubbles, pulsing patterns, Greek motifs and vivid colours.